Graphics card question re tennis game crash

  Roy* 16:14 11 May 2007

Running Sega Virtua Tennis 3, it runs but every now and then crashes. I've updated the graphics card drivers.

One obvious point is that the 'Minimum spec' on the case says 'ATI Radeon 9600' and ours is Radeon 9550, is that the problem? Seems kind of obvious I know but just want to clarify if the only way to avoid crashing is updating graphics card?

  Technotiger 16:23 11 May 2007

Hi, might be possible to avoid crashing, by increasing your RAM, or by increasing you virtual memory in Device Manager.

  Roy* 16:46 11 May 2007

First of all do you think it is the graphics card spec that is the problem, and not some program fault or conflict with something?

2nd how do I increase RAM or vitual memory in the device manager? system currently has 512mb RAM

  wee eddie 16:52 11 May 2007

If you are running XP with 512MB of RAM, you're fairly scraping the barrel.

Visit click here and add another 512MB or even 1GB.

Use their Search Engine and take their recommendation. You'll be able to buy cheaper elsewhere, but if anything is wrong they will swap-out with no argument.

  Technotiger 17:28 11 May 2007

I agree with wee eddie, increasing your RAM is preferable. Meanwhile you could increase your virtual memory - Right-click My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Performance-Settings>Advanced - Virtual Memory and Change ie increase amount.

Upgrading your Graphics card would obviously help, but may not be necessary - try first with memory options.

  Technotiger 17:29 11 May 2007

PS - to increase your RAM you would need to buy extra RAM stick(s).

  Technotiger 17:32 11 May 2007

For your edification - Virtual Memory is where the pc uses space on your hard drive to make the pc think it has more memory then it actually has, the bigger the hard drive the more Virtual Memory it can use.

  jay.p 17:42 11 May 2007

minimum specs on games are always very optimistic as it's in their interest to sell the game.
try lowering your resolution down to 640 x 480 or the lowest setting the game allows and lower all the other graphics settings as well ( in options ).

  citadel 19:15 11 May 2007

install patches, these update the game.

  Totally-braindead 19:22 11 May 2007

jay.p and citadel have summed it up for me. If a game says a minimum whatever and thats what I have I don't buy it because it won't run worth a damn. I only buy a game if I exceed the recommended and even then if I'm close to the recommended I try to download a demo if I can.

  Roy* 22:14 11 May 2007

I'll try those

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