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  farmboy 18:48 29 Apr 2004

i have asked a question about whether i can add a pci graphics card to a onboard graphics card computer mainboard. My question was as follows:-

My friend has an oldish computer, which does not have a agp. So i am looking for a pci graphics card, which ill assume that is not as fast as a agp graphics card. Firstly are pci graphics cards any good, do they do the job?. Secondly i have noticed you have a pci graphics card for £38.00 (GEFORCE4 MX 440 PCI 128MB DDR DVI + TV Out). Is this card considered to be quite good, or would i be better off getting a radeon card or something else. Preferably i would like one that can handle present games. Finally is there a specification that your computer has to be to run these cards. My friend has a 128mb ram, windows me, intel celeron 900mhz, and currently has an onboard graphics card. Is there a limit to how good the grahics card can be according to his spec.

Can you help! the answer they gave me was:-

the mx440 is a good pci card and is suitable for a pci slot 2.1 or 2.2.

however anybody who has a pc with an onboard graphics should check the spec of the mainboard for compatibility

How do you check the spec of the mainboard, and what does a slot 2.1 or 2.2 look like, I have 3 pci slots but they all look the same.


  stalion 19:31 29 Apr 2004


  pj1664 19:38 29 Apr 2004

Ok first things first. Go to click here to download the software and run it on your system. It will tell you everything you need to know about your computer. Secondly the graphic card you mention is a pretty good card but just as a precaution, make sure you are able to return the card If it dosent work with your Motherboard. The other option is to do a print out on your system and take it to the shop you are buying the card from, this way you can be certain you are buying the right card for your pc. Thirdly you must disable your onboard grapic card from the BIOS before the new card can work properly. I hope this helps. Good luck.

  citadel 19:40 29 Apr 2004

a fx5200 or radeon 9200 are better than mx440. To play new games like far cry you need a better computer. Far cry rec specs are 3g processor and 1024 ram.

  farmboy 19:45 29 Apr 2004

He does not want to get a new computer because of money. But he wants to install the best graphics card that he can get away with. I know agp is 10 times faster than pci but beggars cant be choosers, he has no agp

  citadel 19:50 29 Apr 2004

a pci fx5200 plus adding 256 more ram should make some games playable.

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