Graphics Card probs =(

  tazzo85 17:37 26 Apr 2004

just bought a brand new Chaintec GeForce 5200 graphics card for my old (entium 3 733Mhz, 40GB HDD, 256MB RAM, Win XP - over the minimum requirements of the card) computer just to play most up to date games such as Halo and for the S-Video connector. I have slot it in the PCI slot as instructed on the manual, closed the computer up, connected the monitor to the new card (also as instructed), switched the computer on to install the drivers..but..when Windows XP comes up loading, the computer bleeps and the monitor goes off! The Green power light flashes on the monitor and the computer is still running and sounds as though it is still loading! Any suggestions?? Wont even let me get into BIOS even though i wudnt have a clue wot to do there if i did manage to! Have tried connecting the monitor back into the old port and the same problem persists! Please any suggestions??

  citadel 18:17 26 Apr 2004

If you were using the motherboard graphics previously it may be that you have to disable them before installing the new card. In the bios graphics are normally in the integrated peripherals section.

  tazzo85 18:54 26 Apr 2004

Just had a look in the BIOS and all i got was a list of things i aint got a clue about -
Onchip Primary - PCI IDE - enabled
Onchip Secondary - PCI IDE - enabled
IDE Primary Master - PIO - Auto

Have got no idea which the graphics one is? any suggestions? lol i never been in the bios before so i dont have a clue sorry! There was nothing there about VGA or anything, closes i got was a Init Display First - PCI Slot and Onboard FDC Controller???? its russian to me!!Cant i just uninstall it under device manager or doesnt it work like that?

  iqs 19:36 26 Apr 2004

hi tazzo85.similar problem.i have an intergrated radeon .i was under the impression to install a new card you just removed the driver from add/remove programs or device manager.not so, my local pc world you said you access bios then do this do that etc.very i call out to those who know.what is the complete procedure for removing then installing a new graphics card.non jargon version appreciated.thanks

  tazzo85 19:39 26 Apr 2004

just found out my motherboard is a Gibabyte GA-6WMMC7 if that helps?? =(

  tazzo85 21:56 26 Apr 2004


  gudgulf 22:14 26 Apr 2004

I dont recall any setting in the bios on that mobo to alter if you fit a pci graphics card.

Have a look in the instructions with the card--It might recommend reverting to the standard vga adapter setting before installing the card.Alternatively try installing the drivers first and then the card.

  tazzo85 22:42 26 Apr 2004

have already tried installing the drivers. no luck =( i cant find anything in the BIOS about an On Board graphics! im starting to think that i cant put a graphics card on the computer even tho it meets all the minimum requirement! what is this VGA adapter?

  tony1160 23:40 26 Apr 2004

have you booted up in safe mode (press f8) and removed any other graphic drivers from last graphic card

  tazzo85 00:08 27 Apr 2004

i havnt no, how would i go about doing that? Device Manager? ive done it through the normal startup with no luck, but havnt tried anything in Safe Mode, im not very familiar with it :S

  citadel 00:58 27 Apr 2004

May sound silly but it is a pci card and not an agp card?.

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