Graphics Card Problem - Help!!!

  shazza65 22:39 30 Aug 2007

Just got new computer built, graphics card installed, however there seems to be a driver that is still not installed and still shows as a yellow question mark under the hardware spec.

The description under the PCI device it comes up with is:


So need to know what the above is all about.

Then using the computer tonight all of a sudden the following error message came up:

"VPU Recover

VPU recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver components.

Please tell ATI tech about this problem."

Does anyone know what that is all about!!!! If you do, simple terms please.

  skidzy 22:54 30 Aug 2007

If VPU is resetting its possible the card is over heating,therefore protecting your system from further damage.

As pattoo has said,check for updated drivers.Also check all fans are working correctly.

Though do be aware if you enter the case of the computer,you may VOID the warranty !!!

  shazza65 23:15 30 Aug 2007

The person who built it for me is a friend so going inside the case wont be a problem. Could posibly increase the case fan speed to see if helps.

I cliked on pattoo's link, found my graphics card and downloaded the "basic" updates if offered. Only use internet for surfing, waste I suppose.

All seems to be OK at mo, but still got the yellow question mark in drivers, any other suggestions?

  shazza65 12:54 01 Sep 2007

I installed the driver from pattoo's link, was working OK then the error came about again. Managed to send the "crash report" to ATI but have another problem now.

When I shut down my system one of the programs does not shut down it says:

WMS idle is not responding

and I have to manually end it.

Does anyone know what this is? I was wondering if it was something to do with my graphics card problem.

  shazza65 21:47 12 Sep 2007

Thank you very much for the last bits of advise. Have done the MSCONFIG thing and all is well in my little world!!!

Still working on the Graphics card thing whereby the VPU recover kicks in. Have spoken to my friend who built the computer and he is going to investigate. Will also be calling the manufacturer of the graphics card on friday for advise from then Tech Dept as long as it's not some premium rate number!

Many thanks.

  shazza65 19:19 28 Oct 2007

I hope someone can still help me with this recurring problem with my graphics card. It is a Sapphire HD 2400 PRO (ATI Radeon) which seems to run extremely hot. After a while using the computer, the screen goes black, comes back on and an error saying it's no longer responding comes on the screen. The 2nd time it fails, the whole computer shuts down and restarts. Am thinking may need a fan on it, can anyone recommend one? Or should I just go for a new graphics card altogether?

  citadel 20:00 28 Oct 2007

you should have a fan in the front of the case to draw cold air in and a large fan at the back of the case to expel hot air.

  shazza65 20:17 28 Oct 2007

My case fan has 3 levels, I am on number 2. The problem is it makes a racket. I was just hoping a graphics fan might be a bit quieter?

  citadel 21:53 28 Oct 2007

the driver may not be working properly and shutting down the card even if it not at the auto cut off point.
try uninstalling the driver and run driver cleaner to get rid of the left overs, then re-install the driver.

  rossgolf 22:05 28 Oct 2007

is the graphics card actually doing its job and displaying everything properly ? if it is and its jst got this question mark then mite aswell leave it but if its not doing its job then obviously needs sorting

  umbongo(uk) 20:25 29 Oct 2007

right if youve tried all the uninstalling and reinstalling of drivers and you think its still a heat issue see below

if you have a spare fan place it under the card on the bottom of the case ensure its elevated,
use some wood/matchbox etc its blowing onto the cards heatsink,dosent need to be close just aiming in the direction.
see if this helps if it does it means the card isnt sufficiantly cooled as your case may be too small or your front fan isnt blowing over the passive heatsink on the card effectivly

you can send the card back explaining the issue
and your not happy with it

you can get a fan kit = expense

or if your friends good at tinkering can make a fan bracket,,there nothing to it,
it basicly a strip of metal attached to the case card bay(the screw hole,s for securing cards) on the case were the pci slots are .then directed at the card by putting a kink in the metal arm any old fan will do

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