Graphics Card problem, Already tried everything!

  Quinche 00:39 12 May 2007

hey guys. Well i have a GeForce 7900 GT, so thats a very good graphic car, but the problem is that this graphic car is not runing as it supose to be. For example i can see the difference with some games, like Empire Earth, Wich dont require a LOT of graphics, but when i play it it goes slow when i have a quite big army in the game. so thats not normal. another example is: a friend has a GeForce 7300 GS and has a 3d program design. in his computer it runs perfect, but in mine in doesnt goe as quick OR quicker as my friend. and i can see this problem in many different games, wich are not games that requieres a REALLY good graphic card.
AND for this car, i changed all my computer: the board (pci-express) 1GB Ram 160 GB hard drive... anyway it has all good accesories just for the graphic car. and it runs like a GeForce 6800 gt. Also ive downloaded the lastes drivers of the card in Nvidia, so i dont know what to do next. i will give a final example: With a game called Oblivion, when i just installed it, i saw an advertise saying "your graphic card is unrecognizable, so the graphics will be puted in Medium". so whats the problem, beacuse this hapens with many games, my graphic card is not running to its maximum power...! what should i do?

  flyingbrit 00:58 12 May 2007

If I were you, the first thing I would do is, download a little program called "coolbits" which is an overclocking app. I'm not saying overclock your card, but it will show you what speed it's running at, and you can compare it with stats from Nvidia. Then go from there.

  jay.p 03:25 12 May 2007

did you fully uninstall the old drivers before installing the new ones.
just a thought.

  Guybrush1 10:25 12 May 2007

Just a thought..........what power is your PSU? if it isn't up to the job your video card may be running in reduced functionality. I would guess a video card of that ilk would require a PSU around 450 - 500 watts. Just a thought ;-)
I have a 'GeForce 6800 gt' AGP lol and I run that with a 500 watt power supply purchased specifically to give it the right 'umph' and Oblivion rocks on high detail.



  freaky 11:08 12 May 2007

The problem you have described appears to be due to lack of memory capacity.

your graphics card if only as good as the rest of your system, i mean it can only work as quickly as it is fed, hope that makes sense, i find most new games need 2 gb ram to operate on full settings, i upgraded my cpu and graphics card (5200x2 8800gtx) and still had stutters till i upgraded my ram to 667, all the componants have to work as a 'team' or you will get bottlenecks which impare the performance of high grade hardware
i always use coolbits, dont download anything, and IMHO it's safer to go with the programs recomendation, i made a 7600gt seriously ill my trying my own settings, i shall post the details for turning on coolbits, but if your on the latest drivers (xp) download ntune from nvidia which does the same thing only a little simpler, it's basically setting up your card how they designed it, but keep an eye on your temps, i just installed an exhaust fan for less than £5 and lowered my temps by 10 degrees.
click here

  Quinche 02:34 16 May 2007

my cpu is 550 watts so i think its enought, and 1g of ram wouldnt be that enought? u really think i should have 2 G ram? Bout coolbits, the tab doesnt appear to me, and i followed the steps, so i dont know how to put that to work!

  keef66 11:13 16 May 2007

when you installed the new wmotherboard, did you install the (latest) chipset drivers for it? The best card in the world will still run like a dog if the mobo is crippled by running without the proper drivers.

  RobbyMac 17:38 16 May 2007

Fully agree with keef66. stick the disk that came with mobo in puter and all will be well.

  Rayuk 18:21 16 May 2007

Power supply manufacturer is more important than just stating that you have a 550w unit.

  podlod 10:49 17 May 2007

Hi there, I to am having probs with a certain game being Oblivion,I have 2gig Ram, Nvidia Geforce 7800 GT card etc; and I know that my pc is working well, but my character keeps stopping for a split second every 20 secs ( approx) and a message comes on the screen saying `loading area` but apart from that the game works ok?And every game I do play, when there is an excessive amount of graphics it again stops for a split second? any ideas.

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