Graphics card problem!

  Flak999 17:17 23 Mar 2014

I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX580 card in my desktop PC, It is three years old and has given sterling service all of that time. However I now seem to be having a problem which started manifesting itself about a month ago.

Every time I start a graphically intensive application such as Microsoft flight simulator, The program loads without problem but then freezes with multicoloured on screen artifacts and a message saying the graphics driver has recovered from a problem. The only way I can escape is by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and using task manager.

I was using fairly old but stable drivers which have worked perfectly up until now (two years) there have been no upgrades to my machine other than the monthly windows updates, I have also scanned my machine in safe mode with malwarebytes and super anti-spyware both have given a clean result.

As a last resort yesterday I upgraded the graphic drivers to the latest WHQL certified drivers using the clean install option, the drivers have updated perfectly and I have run the dxdiag tool which reports no problems, however the original problem still remains and I have noticed that occasionally it now occurs during simple web browsing, GPU-Z reports the idle temp for the card is 44°C.

I have opened the PC case and have ascertained that all the fans are working and are not blocked with dust, so basically I am at a loss to know what to try next. Does all this indicate the card is on the way out and needs replacing?

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:24 23 Mar 2014

It certainly looks to me like the graphics card is going down the pan. I had an ATI/AMD Radeon HD 4870 fail in a very similar fashion.

  martd7 17:35 23 Mar 2014

Latest driver are 335.23 for the geforce 580 are these the ones you have installed?

Ive just read on the overclockers forum the temperature for your gpu in idle mode should be 40-44c so that would seem ok

  Flak999 17:53 23 Mar 2014

Mr Mistoffelees

It does seem that way, the card has been used on a daily basis, so perhaps these high performance cards don't have a very long life span!


Yes, those are the ones!

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