Graphics card problem

  Si_L 18:31 31 May 2009

I have a nVidia 8600GT installed, and recently it has been BSODing on me. I don't have time to read the blue screen, but it says its shutting down to prevent damage to my PC, and then it does a memory dump and reboots.

On startup, Windows tells me "This problem was caused by NVIDIA nForce(TM) SATA Driver, which was created by NVIDIA Corporation."

I checked the device manager and the nVidia site, and both tell me the latest drivers are installed. I last installed fresh drivers about a fortnight ago, but this problem has only started today, its happened about 6 or 7 times. The option to rollback the driver is greyed out, and I'm out of ideas!

  brundle 18:49 31 May 2009

"NVIDIA nForce(TM) SATA Driver" suggest your motherboard has an NVidia chipset, the BSOD is not related to your graphics card. Can you give more details on your motherboard itself? click here

  Si_L 18:49 31 May 2009

Its just crashed again, and I read that the "driver is mismanaging PTEs" if that helps.

  Si_L 18:50 31 May 2009

Yep my mobo is an Asus M2N4-Sli, only running the single GFX though.

  brundle 18:52 31 May 2009

XP or Vista?

  Si_L 18:53 31 May 2009

Sorry, I should have said that, its running 32 bit Vista HP.

  Si_L 18:57 31 May 2009

A different site has suggested doing a Windows update, so I'm downloading that now. The trouble is I won't know if its fixed until I get another crash!

  brundle 18:57 31 May 2009

The stop codes from BSOD screens would be useful and any mention of drivers, give yourself time to read them by disabling automatic restart; click here

  Si_L 18:59 31 May 2009

Ok I will post them up when, or more optimistically, if the system crashes again, but I can't just yet. Thanks for your help so far Brundle.

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