Graphics card problem

  ptrafc 18:22 25 Mar 2009

As most of you probably know I've been out of the game for a couple of week now, due to graphics card failure. I've bought a new one, but it's giving me other problems.

Mobo: MSI K8T Neo2 [url=click here](link)[/url]
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3800+
RAM: 2 x 512mb DDR400 (PC3200)
PSU: 380w, +5v = 35amps, +3.3v = 28amps, +12v = 17amps [url=click here](link)[/url]
Graphics: Powercolor ATI Radeon X1650 pro AGP [url=click here](link)[/url]

I know my mobo and RAM are pretty crap, had to replace my old mobo which held 4 sticks as opposed to this one with 2 when my old ASUS one broke.

It works fine when I just doing basic stuff like web browsing, but while I'm playing WoW I get to play for anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes before a random crash occurs, such as:
Black screen (games sounds are still heard)
Game freeze (forced to reboot)
System reboot

I have tried many graphics drivers, from old to new official ATI catalysts, and omega drivers, all with the same effect.

I thought it could be the PSU, but aparrently it uses less power than my old Radeon 9800 pro which worked great, and on the box it recommends 300w.

I have changed settings in the bios, and in the ATI control centre, all to the same effect. I currently have:

PCI settings:
Write ON (tried OFF)
Read ON (tried OFF)

AGP settings:
Write ON (tried OFF)
Read ON (tried OFF)
Speed x8
Fast write OFF (tried ON)

Balanced performance settings, tho I've tried moving all sliders to 'Performance' to no avail.

Hardware acceleration: Full
Write combining: Enabled
WMV acceleration: Enabled

Other strange occurances:
Tried to use ATI Tray Tools to underclock the card, however I cannot change the speed values to anything without graphics corruption, even if I select the default values of GPU: 594Mhz, MEM: 796.5, as soon as I hit 'Apply' my screen corrupts, forcing a reboot. Same happens if I try to scan for artifacts or find a max value for either GPU or MEM speeds.

It's also not just WoW, I play Pro Evo 2009 which shows faults, such as freezes and reboots, but much less frequent.

Can anyone think of a solution, or does the card seem faulty?

Thanks in advance.

  citadel 19:47 25 Mar 2009

ddr2 is no good for graphics cards, but you should manage wow. may be heat issue, or faulty psu.

  ptrafc 21:30 25 Mar 2009

Unfortunately it's all I could afford to replace my old card, and since it's slightly better it should definately be able to handle the same stuff as before.

It's not a heat issue, I've checked that.

Possibly the PSU, something I'll have to look into further, but kind of a coincidence to fail when I replace the graphics card.

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