Graphics card problem

  Luca M 19:22 26 Sep 2007

Hi all,

I have just built a new pc and turned it on for the first time and there is no display being outputted from the graphics card. It has all been connected properly and all the nessecary leads attached. The graphics card is an ati and the motherboard is made by xfx. Does anyone know why it would do this and how i can get an output from it.

Thanks in advance

  Belatucadrus 19:52 26 Sep 2007

A few possible suggestions :-
1) Make sure the card is pushed home fully into the MOBO slot. If the card has a fan, see if it's moving when you turn on, if not there's probably a loose contact somewhere.
2) Make sure the monitor is attached to the card output, not one from the MOBO.

  Luca M 19:54 26 Sep 2007

Yes it is securely connected and the fan is spinning. The mobo dosent have a connector on it for graphics so I can only connect it to the card.

  Numbnuts2001 19:57 26 Sep 2007

Also make sure if theres a power connector on the card that it's plugged in. Some higher end cards require additional power. Terry

  Luca M 19:57 26 Sep 2007

It dosent have an external power connector, I have checked.

  Luca M 19:58 26 Sep 2007

I dont know if this will affect it, but the mobo is built on an Nvidia chipset and the card is an ATI. Would this affect it?

  Numbnuts2001 20:00 26 Sep 2007

and make sure onboard graphics are disabled in the bios

  Luca M 20:00 26 Sep 2007

It dosent have onboard graphics.

  Numbnuts2001 20:03 26 Sep 2007

D u have a second pc U can try the new card in, or an old card u can try in the new pc, also what power supply are u using

  Luca M 20:04 26 Sep 2007

The old pc's graphics card is AGP and this new card is PCI-E so I cant test it. The PSU is a 600W xilence.

  Numbnuts2001 20:05 26 Sep 2007

what flavour ATI

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