Graphics Card Problem

  User-3C44E300-39B5-4E35-B0CB9662CF0938B8 18:53 21 Jun 2004

Yesterday i installed a new graphics card (XFX Geforce FX 5200 128mb DDR) i took out the old one and put in the new one, installed the drivers as described. Everthing looked good when i restarted. But then i tried playing GTA vice city and the start up screen was like looking at it through a red filter! Then i started the game and the graphics were awful, the sky was red, damage to the cars was bright blue and green, the road seemed to be sprayed with some kind of blue luminous paint, absolutely awful. So i set about going to the Nvidia website and downloading the latest drivers. This helped, or so i thought. The game started up without the red filter but then 5 mins into playing the game the sky became red again. If i change the resolution before the game begins, i can get it to go back to normal again, but then it changes back yet again to the red sky. I do not understand why it is doing this. Please Help!!!!!

  johnsims 19:08 21 Jun 2004

When you say you "took out the old one" did you also uninstall the drivers for the old card. If you didn't these may conflict and be causing your problems.

Yeah i did. I did everything it told me in the Manual but to no avail. (the old graphics card resides now in another computer working fine)

  Dorsai 19:23 21 Jun 2004

could there been a known problem with this game and this graphics card?

I have always read the readme files shipped with games, and they frequently give know issues with certian cards/OS/etc.

I would check out the FAQ section of both the card and game site to see if this is a known problem before i go any further

good luck

just an idea.

  johnsims 19:24 21 Jun 2004

Assuming colours etc are AOK with all other apps, is there a setting in the game set up options that asks for you to input any specifics about the type of graphics card?
Another thought, probably way off beam here but is the card compatible with the AGP slot i.e. AGP 4X or 8X?
Fianlly - dodgy card? it does happen. Can you swap it into the other machine as a test?

I did think of that but it does roughly the same thing wiv the game that it shipped wiv (colin mcrae rally 04) with this the graphics are just terible and red plays a major part aswell. Thanks T.

  johnsims 19:31 21 Jun 2004

Got to either be a dodgy card or something wrong with the set up. Try removing the hardware in Control Panel / Device Manager and reboot, at which time Windows will prompt for new hardware and reinstall the drivers. I assume there is no yellow exclamation mark alongside the card in device manager. If reinstalling the driver des not work I would seek a replacement stating the reason.

There is no such setting, just resolution, 'draw distance' (which i have changed), brightness, subtitles, widescreen. I assume it is as the card is AGP 8x but i am not sure if this will affect an old(ish) motherboards AGP slot. If it helps the computer is about 3 yrs old. I will try putting it in the other computer as a last resort because that is my dads and as it is working fine anyway... Thanks T.

OK. Ill try removing it and reinstalling the drivers and if that doesnt work ill wait for a reply from the manufacturer. If they say take it back i will. Thanks for your help. Any more ideas are welcome!!!!

  johnsims 19:53 21 Jun 2004

What is the motherboard in the PC with the new graphics card. Make and model no. Go to the manufacturers web site and search by model no and see if the AGP slot is AGP 8X spec. Probably not at 3 years old. Also check the card documentation and see if it is backwards compatible with earlier versions of AGP - quite possible but no necessarily.

  woodchip 19:55 21 Jun 2004

Try the Monitor at a lower resolution

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