graphics card problem...

  rent-a-cop 06:40 08 Jan 2004

Hello everyone,
I recently purchased a geforce 4 mx420 graphics card as an upgrade from my onboard prosavage solution. Everything works well except that the card seems to be running at 2x I know my mobo supports upto 4x but cannot seem to find an option to run at this increased speed in device manager, bios or nvidia control panel. I have a via chipset so downloaded and installed the latest 4 in 1 hyperion drivers (thinking that may be the problem) but to no avail. I realise that this is a fairly old card but am sure it also can run upto 4x (or perhaps it can't and that's the prob?) any enlightenment will be graetly appreciated. Cheers

  matthew-293741 07:19 08 Jan 2004

i would have no doubt that your grahics card can run at AGPx4, have you got the latest forceware drivers from click here if not you need these, plus you need to download nView (should come as part of the drivers package) I know when i go into my card (display-advance-settings) that i get the option to set the AGP rate, umongst other things.

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