Graphics Card for Photoshop

  orat59 00:47 14 Nov 2007

Hi, I have a fairly powerful pc i believe, that I use for photo-editing but I've been having problems with my graphics cards. I use to have two Inno3D nVidia Ge-Force 7800GT 256MB working SLi but had to remove one cause my Power Supply wouldn't handle both of them (I believe) since it's only 450W. The main problem with the graphics card I have on now is that the colours (and the general appearance) of any image I see on my screen are totally different than the coulours I see when I am printing at a professional print-shop. I have tried calibrating it (without hardware-too expensive-prefer investing on something else for now) but hasn't worked. The other problem that I have, is that 2D images, mostly Flash graphics, appear with jagged edges! I am sure that at least the graphics produced in Flash should look perfect since they are vectors. Same happens with the images' edges in Photoshop and in Illustrator. So here are my questions:

1.What could be the problem? Is it really the graphics card or something else?

2.Could the problems be fixed with a better power supply? (hence having the second graphics card back on working sli)

3.What kind of graphics card would be best for premium quality results in photoshop and similar software? What should I look for when comparing?

4.Is it possible that I may be needing a new monitor as well? If so, which one? (I currently have a Yusmart 19' tft monitor)

Many thanks in advance and I apologise that my post is too long.

  mrwoowoo 01:16 14 Nov 2007

Never used 2 cards in sli before but the jagged edges suggest to me that it is a graphics card driver problem.It certainly seems to be low resolution. Perhaps removing a card has confused or altered the driver somehow.
I would start by removing the old drivers and reinstalling again.

  orat59 02:40 14 Nov 2007

thank you for your reply mrwoowoo.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers that came with the cd as well as many other versions of the drivers including the latest and older ones the jagged edges and low quality are still a problem. I even tried switching between the two cards I got (uninstalled and removed one then installed the other-also tried different slots)My maximum and current resolution is 1280x1024 is this a problem? Could you reccomend a good graphics card mainly for 2D imagery editing and website design (flash)?

Thanks again

  eedcam 09:28 14 Nov 2007

I use Nvideo Ge force 6200 with 256m/byte and no problems with P/shop / for a few years I only had the integrated Intel graphichs and that gave no problem Although I only do Photos

  keef66 11:52 14 Nov 2007

A 7800gt is barely ticking over when displaying 2D images at 1280 x 1024 resolution; you definitely don't need a new graphics card.

What symptoms did you see before you decided power was the issue and removed one of your cards?

  hssutton 12:58 14 Nov 2007

Like eedcam I also use the Nvideo Ge force 6200 with 256mb. Photoshop runs super fast as does Lightroom which is a bit of a resource hog, so you need to look elswhere.

Drivers would be my first thought also For software to calibrate your monitor have a look at click here Not as good as a "Spyder" but will get you very close and it's Freeware

  orat59 15:01 14 Nov 2007

to keef66:

I bought my computer 2 years ago from and I've been having various problems since. However, the grahics were fine until I decided to send the pc back to their offices for a repair since it would not turn on!. They replaced the power supply with a new one but with fewer watts and an extra tower fan which is very noisy! (my old one was 650W this is 450W!!!) I tried to tell them but there was absolutely no communication on their behalf especially ever since the warranty had expired! Anyway, I noticed a tremendous change in the appearance of any graphics since the power supply replacement but unfortunately, me removing the 2nd card hasn't fixed the problem.

One more question: what do you think about the GeForce 8 Series? Which one would be better? (Ultra, GTX, GT, GTS...) and by which manufacturer?

Again thanks all for your help.

  keef66 15:12 14 Nov 2007

Sounds like it is likely a power issue. Does the graphics card have a power lead coming straight from the psu and is it connected securely?

I'm off to research the power requirements of a 7800gt

  Totally-braindead 15:13 14 Nov 2007

You don't need a new graphics card for photoshop as already said. I think the problem could be the new power supply not being powerful enough for even the one card. Sadly I don't know a way of checking other than replacing it and seeing what it does.
I would point out thought that if you did go for an 8 series card, which as I said is not necessary and in my opinion is a waste of money, you would need a new power supply as well.
SO if it was me, I would buy a decent branded power supply with a high wattage and try that, even if it didn't work it wouldn't be a waste.

  orat59 15:17 14 Nov 2007

to keef66:
just checked to be sure and yes there is: a black one different than the white ones that go to the hard drives and is securely connected. is it possible that the powersupply may have damaged the graphics cards?

  hssutton 15:21 14 Nov 2007

Power supply required. I think this is the same card.

The Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX takes up a single PCI Express slot, making it a more compact piece of hardware than the dual-slot GeForce 6800 Ultra. It also uses less power. Nvidia recommends a 330-watt power supply (500 watts if you double up to an SLI configuration), a lower requirement than the 6800 Ultra's 350-watt specification.

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