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  primorac 10:58 06 Jan 2003
  primorac 10:58 06 Jan 2003

I have just purchased a system for my son and asked the builder for a 64 bit graphics card, When I look in settings the system tells me that I have a G force 2 card which is only 32 bit, When I questioned the builder of the unit he told me that he has placed 2 x G force 2 cards on the same board to give me the 64 bit. i didn't think that both cards would work at the same time. Is there another way of checking my system to find out if my leg has been lifted.



  3aspect 11:19 06 Jan 2003

I might be missing the point but,if he has installed 2 graphics cards you will have 2 monitor connections & 2 cards will show up in the device manager,but i can't think of a motherboard that has 2 agp slots,you can run 2 cards,a pci & agp together but this is to expand your desktop over 2 monitors.i don't think it increases card performance.

  zigg 11:23 06 Jan 2003

I don't think two graphics cards can work simultaneously, at least i've never heard of this. What you probably wanted was a geforce4 mx type card which I think are 64 and retail at about £100. The geforce4 Ti cards are 128bit and are better but tend to cost in excess of £200. The new Radeon 9000 and 9700 cards are also good. Probally best to get a copy of PC Advisor Magazine,look at their best buy garaphics card page and do some research. Then either reapproach the builder asking for an upgrade to what you asked for or upgrade it yourself in the future as this is not too difficult to do.

  rickf 11:28 06 Jan 2003

As 3aspect says it would show up as 2x32 in device manager under hardware. I also don't think you can utilise both at the same time. Take the case back and open it up to see if there are two cards. At anyrate he should have only fitted one of 64mb. Also most graphics cards are agp and most m/b have only one agp slot. He could have fitted 2 pci cards but like I said check it.

  AndySD 11:33 06 Jan 2003

Belarc Advisor click here is a small free download that will tell you what is on the PC.

  jazzypop 11:35 06 Jan 2003

He is pulling your proverbial. You cannot install two GeForce 2 cards in tandem to 'double their power' to 64bit performance.

I expect that if you were to post this on ConsumerWatch, you would get advice along the lines of misrepresentation, breach of contract, entitlement to refund, etc.

  goonerbill 11:44 06 Jan 2003

without opening the case, go into cotrol panel, system, look for device manager and click on display adapters. if 2 cards have been fitted (was able to do this with the old 3dfx cards with a passthrow cable, never heard of it with geforce cards and i've built a few over the years) they will show up in here. if only one card is listed, i would take ya pc back and get the person who built it to open it and show you the two cards. also another clue would be two monitor connecters on the back of ya pc

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