Graphics card overheating?!?!

  blackstorm2k 16:00 09 May 2004

I bought an Nvidia Gefore 4 4200Ti about this time last year, and up until recently it has worked fine. However, the other day my PC started acting a little odd. Every time I went to play a game (Splinter Cell, Call of duty, or Battlefield Vietnam) the game would pause for about 10-15 seconds and eventually crash back into windows. After much fiddling around, re-installing drivers, updating windows etc I still couldn't solve the problem.
I then opened up my PC and swapped my graphics card over for my old one (Geforce 2) and everything suddenly worked again. When looking at my Geforce 4, I discovered that some of the solder on the chip was slightly orange as if it has been burnt. I have a surge proof plug socket and am unsure how this could have happened, especially as I've had the card for a year and it's been fine. (I haven't overclocked the processor, graphics card or modified my computer in any other way recently)
Could anyone give me some advice what they think would have caused the problem, and how to prevent something like this happening again? (I'm going to upgrade my PC shortly so I'd rather not fry my new £150 graphics card!)

  LastChip 16:26 09 May 2004

Did you ever check your case temperature? If it's not over-hot, the discoloration may have always been there or even been caused by a failure within the card itself.

I wouldn't be too quick to blame yourself, it's probably nothing to do with anything you've done.

Failures, although rare, do happen, and if your into gaming, you are placing heavy loads on the card, compared to say, a word processor user. I know these things are meant to be designed to take care of those loads, but as I said, failures do happen.

  blackstorm2k 22:24 09 May 2004

The case does seem pretty hot to me. I think when I last used aida (PC information software tool) to see the CPU temperature it was around 60 degrees C, which seems pretty hot.

Also if I take the cover off I can feel the heat! Being a small case, it's probably not surprising though. And yes I'm an avid gamer so that might not have helped!

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