Graphics Card or Mother Board Problem????

  Lawrence-255466 02:43 03 Nov 2005

Help pleas if you can, I have a Medion Pc P4 266GHz running XP Home woke pack 2 which up until two weeks ago was fine until I decided to burn photos on a rewritable cd Pc froze and I lost the mouse temporary when this glitch recovered I lost sound when this recovered Pc froze again only this time I hat to do control alt delete this would not work so I hit the power button.
On restart I had one long beep and two short beeps and a message saying NO SIGNAL restarted and still the same Have changed the original graphics card an NVIDIA GeForce 4 8X AGP TI4200 that was in the Pc from new with an old AGP card lent to me and the pc is up and running once again thing is I have tried my original card in three other Pcs and it works OK but in my Pc still only get the beeps no message what is my problem? Is it that the mother board is finding a genuine fault or is it that the BIOS has-been damaged? PS would the post cheque cheque the fan on the graphics card as on removal this was full of dust although the card is still working in another machine the mother board is a Micro-Star Model MS6701 thanks in anticipation Law

  jbaker65 07:37 03 Nov 2005

I had a similar problem with a much lower spec machine. Random freezing and control-alternate-delete not working. I finally went to the web-site of my graphics card and downloaded the latest driver for the card. After installing this I've had no more problems. This is fairly simple so it's worth a try.

  interzone55 08:49 03 Nov 2005

To answer your last question first, POST checks that the basic functions of the motherboard and things attached are working.
So it checks the slots, memory, CPU, CPU fan, Keyboard & Mouse, and if there is any VGA output. It wouldn't check for the VGA card fan, as that is not one of the fans monitored in the BIOS. Normally only the CPU fan and 1 or 2 case fans are monitored.

As for your original VGA card, my first thought was that the driver had become corrupted, but you're getting "No Signal" at boot then it's obviously something more serious. Unfortunately 1 Long & 2 Short beeps is an extremely vague error code, simply meaning a display adaptor problem.

If the original card works in other PCs, then the card is OK, and if an older card works in your PC then the motherboard is OK you have come across one of the most frustrating things about PC building, when 1 + 1 = 0 because the components are somehow incompatible. As they previously worked together it may be a case that some BIOS settings have been changed (how this happen I don't know) so maybe you could try resetting the bios, or as a last resort, flash it with an update click here

  Lawrence-255466 12:19 03 Nov 2005

Can someone advise please, what I need to do for this glitch, in terms of actually setting the bios. What must I do exactly please?

Someone fly me down please, much frustrated.

Just another question if you dont mind. What does HDD S.M.A.R.T. mean. I have noticed it is disabled on my pc but have no idea what it is or means. Cheers.


  SANTOS7 12:23 03 Nov 2005

Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (or S.M.A.R.T.) is a technology that enables a PC to in some cases predict the future failure of storage devices (like hard disk drives).

This SMART technology is present in your drive, but by default is set to disabled on your drive. For making use of the S.M.A.R.T. feature you would require a software (or BIOS) that enables and monitors the S.M.A.R.T status of your hard drive, and an operating system that supports the S.M.A.R.T feature i.e. Windows 95 or higher. Some BIOS contain this software, otherwise EZ-SMART from StorageSoft is an example of a utility that can enable and monitor the SMART status of your drive too (only available for Windows 98 and Windows NT).

Thus the message

"S.M.A.R.T. Capable but Disabled"

means just that - the drive supports the feature, but it isn't enabled / supported by the BIOS or other software.

  interzone55 08:21 04 Nov 2005

in order to reset to BIOS you must simply move a jumper on the motherboard, power up and down the PC then move the jumper back.

The exact location of the necessary jumper varies from mobo to mobo, but it is usually near the BIOS chip, which for your board is the squarish black chip below the PCI slots.

Another way to reset the BIOS is to remove the battery (the round silver thing below the PCI slots) and leave it out for about an hour to allow the BIOS to reset itself.

I always find it is better to leave SMART off, as sometimes it can throw up errors unnecessarily, but that is just my opinion.

  Sharpamatt 09:20 04 Nov 2005

I have never tried resetting jumpers on the motherboard, to reset the BIOS, going into the settings at startup you get the option to reset to default without running the risks of frying the board.

I had a problem after installing the latest driver from Nvidia, which was from the windows update .

My advice would be to back up everything and use the Medion discs to restore to factory setting.

Or download the correct driver from Medions site which will require your serial number

  Lawrence-255466 01:04 23 Nov 2005

.Graphics Card or Mother Board Problem??????????

Thanks to all who took the time in replying to my question re graphics card not posting, however after doing all of the tips suggested i.e. get the latest drivers flash the bios and reset to the original factory settings aim still in a limbo the original graphics card will still not post with the original mother board yet at this very moment an older card is and the original graphics card is still working in a PC of the same spec a P4 266GHZ the only thing I have observed is that the fan has not operated on the graphics card once even when doing video editing for hours on end is this norm on this card as I have bean given conflicting info on this, my very first thoughts wear that the mother board was infarct sensing the fact that the fan is not working and therefore not allowing it to post just a hunch. I have had suggested to me to run a 12V power supply directly to the fan but can anyone tell me witch of the leads is +12v the red,yellow,or black as the fan is was variable speed as I remember when it worked I rely would like to get to the bottom of this just for peace of mined before the old card throws a wobbly or I replace it with a new one, looking at two cards hear the Geforce FX5500 over clocked by BFG Tech or the Geforce 6600 by PNY your advice and comments are as always welcomed.
Thanks in anticipation Law.

  interzone55 10:35 23 Nov 2005

Does the fan work when the card is in the other PC?

If it doesn't then you should replace the fan, as your graphics card could easily burn out.

If the fan works in the second PC then it seems that your PC is not providing enough power to the AGP port, have you added any devices to your PC recently that is maybe overloading your PSU?

If you're going to buy a new card I don't know anything about the BFG overclocked FX5500, but the 6600 is a good middle of the road card.

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