graphics card or monitor problem

  reddwarfcrew 18:56 12 Jun 2004

My dad tells me that his monitor keeps randomly switching itself off. I've not seen it do it myself, but does this sound like a monitor problem (packard bell 5yrs old) or a graphics card problem (Gainward Geforce3 Powerpack Ti500 Tv Jumbo Golden Sample AGP 128MB DDR With Tv-out).

If its the card, what would you recommend for a replacement for £60ish. The only thing that the card would be neededed for is Flight Sim 2002.

  reddwarfcrew 19:13 12 Jun 2004

he's just said that it only happens when the screen saver is on, yet in power management he's got it set so that the monitor never switches off (win XP Home)

  VoG II 19:15 12 Jun 2004

Could this be a power saving option in the BIOS?

  reddwarfcrew 19:18 12 Jun 2004

its only just started and the PC has been unchanged for just over a year.

the only thing that has changed recently is that he's now switched on the auto download of critical updates.

G-card drivers have just been updated, but no better.

he hasn't got SP1 yet as the last time we installed this, it screwed up flight sim (a known issue on the MS knowledge base).

  reddwarfcrew 20:47 14 Jun 2004

Switched off screen saver and closed down all programmes.

1.Left for 3 hrs and monitor didn't switch off;

2.With screen saver still off, monitor switched off and immediately switched on whilst using FSIM 2002.

3.Left PC running with FSIM2002 loaded but not actually in use and after about 30mins monitor switched off.

4.Tonight on start up after a few seconds monitor shut down before Windows had loaded.

  Fruit Bat 20:58 14 Jun 2004

Is the LED on the monitor changing colour / going off?

If so sounds power management.

Check simple things first 1 connection to graphics card 2. power cable fully home 3. wires loose in plug.

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