graphics card or cpu?

  Jomi 23:09 23 Aug 2004

My pc suddenly started shutting itself down for no apparent reason I put this down to a poor switch.
Now it's done it again but when I restart there's nothing on the screen at all - it's just black. I can hear the hard drive running as if everything is ok but nothing happens.
I swapped the base unit and I now have a pc again and also eliminated the monitor as the culprit.
Can anyone help please?

win xp pro
AMD 3200
1gb ddr 400

  jonnytub 23:17 23 Aug 2004

do you have oboard graphics?????

  kspatto 23:25 23 Aug 2004

do you get any display when booting up if not you probably have a hardware problem open your pc case and make sure everything is pushed in tight then turn your pc on see if all the fans are working if their not you could have a faulty power supply if they are I would try swapping the graphics card from your working system if it works then you will have the source of your problem (power supply--graphics cards have high failure rates)


  Jomi 23:37 23 Aug 2004

The graphics is a radeon 9800 pro in the agp slot.
theres no onboard graphics so I can't just remove it. There's no display at all on booting up.
I'll try the power supply first since I have a spare - but it'll be tomorrow night now.


  Jomi 20:58 24 Aug 2004

Just finished replacing the power supply but got no joy, any other suggestions please?

thanks as always.

  Jomi 21:54 24 Aug 2004

any suggestions at all please ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:01 24 Aug 2004

bios running HDD, monitor and cable ok on new base unit leads to:-

No display = faulty graphics card or cpu failure

Shutting down probs maybe due to heat but now fried CPU?

  Jomi 20:42 29 Aug 2004

I've had access to another pc and juggling the components I now know it's not monitor, graphics card or PSU, so it's looking like the CPU.
Is there any way I can test that without a spare one? What is the likelihood of a problem on the motherboard?

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