Is this graphics card ok for games?

  charlton200 13:31 05 Aug 2004


Is this a good graphics card for the latest games.
It does not have to be a spectacular one but with reasonable graphics. 256Mb NVIDIAFX5500

Thank you

  wags 13:53 05 Aug 2004

It is a replacement for the FX5200 and performance wise is better than the 5200, but below the FX5600. There is a good review here, which concludes it is fine for older games and some of the newer ones (with detail levels turned down etc), but not ALL new ones:

click here

  Rigga 14:05 05 Aug 2004

Hi Charlton200,

I thought you were after the Mesh system that came with the GeForce 5900XT?

Is the 5500 for a different system?

Either way, as already pointed out by wags, it's not really capable of playing the latest games.

For the very latest Games.. re Doom3 and the upcoming Half Life2, you'll probably need either the ATI X800 or the GeForce 6800.. to run them at good resolutions, 1280x1024 and above and at the highest detail levels.


  charlton200 16:00 05 Aug 2004

You are right rigga I will be ordering my new mesh hopfully next week but with the 9800 pro all in wonder as you suggested.

This was not a question for myself but for a work mate who is getting a new pc and was wondering if its graphics card would be ok for the latest kids pc games.
Not being a games player myself,(my wife is though)I get lost when it comes to graphics cards.

Thanks for your help again.

  Rigga 16:21 05 Aug 2004

You're welcome.

But let your work mate know, that it really depends on what he/she means by the latest games.

If they are really 'kids' games that he/she needs to run, then the FX5500 should be plenty good enough.

But if it is the very latest games, i.e. Doom3 etc.. then the graphics card is only one area of the PC that will have to be pretty good, i.e. you will need a good CPU, plenty of Memory etc..


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