Graphics Card not it broke?

  colinm45 19:27 13 Mar 2012

hello...i need help asap, ive had problems with my system, its all new components from jan 2012, for some reason my pc turns on and turns off if i nudge it, this i seemed to stop by just tightening the mobo, on saturday 10th of march i replaced the thermo paste because i had not applied it so well, up putting my cpu and cpu cooler back on and restarting the mobo my graphics card has just stopped working, every time i start my pc it says 'asus graphics card not found' when booting up asus smart doctor. i can now only get my monitor to work threw vga and can no longer play any games...not even minecraft!! in device manager its not detecting it at all......any advice on how to get my mother board to to see it would be greatly appreciated, i have installed nvidia drivers for a ASUS 550TI but its wont install as it cant find an nvidia device. :(

  markd71 20:32 13 Mar 2012

A bit more info would be helpful like mobo make & model, O/S, psu

  colinm45 20:34 13 Mar 2012

thansk for the reply mate.....honestly a bit new to this so ill keep that in mind next time. Its an asus p8z68-v mobo, windows 7 64bit os. Whats the psu?

  markd71 20:45 13 Mar 2012

Power Supply Unit ie. how many watts

  markd71 21:28 13 Mar 2012

I'm assuming that you built this machine yourself...... You'll need to seat the graphic card in the correct slot, Black, White or Blue. I think the Blue but you need to confirm this with the set-up documentation that came with the mobo. You also need to power the card with the power cable provided. You are aware that the mobo has a high end integrated graphic card ?

  KRONOS the First 04:47 14 Mar 2012

When asking for help always best to give as much detail as you can.

Your statement that te pc turns on and off if you nudge it is one that I have not come across before and I have been building for some time. You say that this seem to stop after you tightened up the mobo. Can you explain what you mean by this? Why did you feel the end to reapply the thermal paste?

I am assuming that this is your first build so do not worry that things have not gone as well s you hoped, these things happen to us all. What make model of GPU do you have? Check that the GPU (graphics card) is seated correctly in the correct slot which is the blue PCI-E slot. Check that any power cables needed are connected to the GPU.

Make sure that the CPU (processor) cooler is installed correctly and make sure that you have only applied a very thin layer of thermal paste on the CPU. Are you just using the cooler that came with the CPU or are you using something else?

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