graphics card for new monitor

  mickeyfinagin 12:49 16 Jul 2007

I am looking to buy a new monitor (22" lg 226wto widescreen 1860 x 1000 3000:1 contrast ect)
I have an Innovision 8800 gts 320mb grahics card,
will this card be up to the job, will I be able to run games ect at full resolution and size ect.
any feedback would be greatly recieved

  Totally-braindead 14:13 16 Jul 2007

Probably the answer is yes, I say probably as it depends on the game and how demanding it is. Oblivion is the game I think that many struggle with, the recomended specs are woefully inadequate in my opinion and for this game at least I don't think it would run at that resolution with all options on.
Someone who runs the game with all options on was complaining he only gets about 15 frames per sec and he has the same card.
But with 99% of other games I think the answer would be yes providing you also have enough memory and a decent processor.

  mickeyfinagin 16:05 16 Jul 2007

thanks Totally-braindead,
I am not to worried about running the latest games with all the options on (used to 800x600 with all basic options on a 17" tft)
I just want to be sure that it will be able to play most games in full widescreen mode and look half decent.

i have the same card on my second pc (21" monitor not wide screen) it runs games at med high settings frame rates drop at max settings if it rains etc. they do say the 640mb works a lot better at higher res. Having said that my second pc uses vista and i havnt tried it with xp. the search engine is not working atm but you can look here later.
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