Graphics card for a low spec PC?

  whotookchris 16:40 19 Sep 2006

I want to upgrade the integrated graphics on my PC. Unfortunately it's pretty old and has a 165W PSU - it's a propreitary PSU that cannot be upgraded.

Could anyone recommend a PCI graphics card (I dont have any AGP or PCI-E slots) that would be suitable for my machine?

I'm only looking to improve the quality of video playback and maybeplay a few old games
Full system specs:

Intel Celeron 1.7ghz CPU
512MB RAM - two sticks
DVD drive
1 hard drive
PCI wireless card
Windows XP
165W PSU

  sean-278262 16:49 19 Sep 2006

That PSU should be upgradable. It will screw out of the case. I have never seen one as a permanent attachment. Does the PC have any grapics card at all?

I would suggest a PCI version of the FX5200 or fx5600 as anything more is probably overkill on a PCI system such as yours.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:53 19 Sep 2006

This should do the job. click here Should be OK with your PSU and very cheap.

  whotookchris 17:07 19 Sep 2006

Creature . . .

The PSU does screw out, but that's not the problem. It's mounted away from the back of the case, and the socket, which is on the end of an extended wire, clips onto a bracket on back of the case. That's as well as I can describe it - it's an old asus terminator barebone if you are interested - a C3 I think.

I already tried a geforce FX5500 but I had to return it as it has a 250W minimum PSU requirement.

Thanks for the suggestion Mr Mistof . . that card is a bit lower spec than i had hoped for but I will keep it as my last port of call. Any chance I could get a 128MB card to run on my PSU?

  sean-278262 17:11 19 Sep 2006

Not a chance

click here

I estimate you need a 200W psu minimum as it stands.

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