Graphics card issue

  shortcircuit 08:19 21 Oct 2004

Hi all.

I have fitted anew 128MB 9800Pro card to my pc and it started to freeze during games. Even on bench tests. The funny thing is, is that when I swopped back to my 9600Se, it also started to freeze in games and bench tests! Drivers are all good and PC was always very stable before.
I was wondering if anyone knows how power hungry these card are.
My system is a home built:
160GB seagate
512 DDR
DVD-RW +DVD drives
2x case fams.
XP home

The psu is a Q-technology 300W from Quiet Pc's. I know that these are near £50 and are very stable psu's, but would you say I'm asking too much of the poor thing? Also it does get a little hot in there, with ambient temp of 48c.

Before I order a new PSU, does anyone have a view on what causes freezes in these cases. With normal use,DVD playback and anything else, the pc is fine.

I think it could be PSU, but some people say if the PSU is not up to the job, you will get crashes. Freezes are not crashes.Right?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 08:33 21 Oct 2004

before i had a new PSU (300W) and my new one is 450W,i used to get freezes loads,and a few times it completely crashed,as tempory i removed one of my harddisks (low cap one),and a CD-rom drive that did nothing it speeded up quite alot then,and now i have replaced my psu and its fine,it might be worth getting a higher spec PSU anyway it sounds like your PC is power hungry,but then its up to you,this is just what i think.cheers.ben

  georgemac 08:53 21 Oct 2004

Q-Tec power supplies are not too good, a 300 watt will probably not be enough and if you paid £50 for it I think you have paid too much.

A new power supply will help, the 9800 pro will be power hungry. Your temps are very high also and will be giving you problems.

I would say get a dual fan psu which will extract more air, and consider fitting an exhaust fan in your system.

I will link you to a couple of threads about psu's. Antec are excellent quality but expensive, but a 350 watt antec will deliver more useable power than many other psu's which are rated 450/500 watt.

An excellent soloution for you would be a new antec slk1650 case (black or beige) from click here which includes a 350 watt smartpower antec psu and the case has a 120 mm antec exhaust fan which exhausts a lot of hot air, room for an 80 mm fan on the front which blows cool air in, and room for another 80 mm fan on the side panel which ducts cool air directly on to the cpu cooler. I will try and post the link to the product. The case costs £3 to £4 more than the psu on it's own.

click here have Hiper power supplies which seem to get good reviews at reasonable prices.

  georgemac 08:59 21 Oct 2004

click here thread

click here link to antec cases at savastore - may not work - think the price has increased by about £4 since I bought one 2 weeks ago £48.97 + delivery click here and the psu price has dropped £38.47 + delivery

whatever you decide has a serious look at your cooling - too much heat also causes freezing - do you monitor your cpu temp? the heat will also shorten the life of your components

  georgemac 09:02 21 Oct 2004

where are your case fans located - one at the front & one at the back? are you sure they are blowing the right way?

I struggle with temps because my case is located in a built in unit with poor circulation - I now have a large chieftec case on my pc (antec is my sons) to aid this, my case temp is 38 degC and my cpu at full load is 66 - 70 degC.

  shortcircuit 09:14 21 Oct 2004

Hi Georgemac.

Its not a Q-Tec..its a Q-technology. See click here.

There is quite a difference. I wouldn't touch a Q-Tech...they are noisey, poorly rated and don't maintain the stated power output.

George. I also have a built in unit and I'm sure it does not help. I have one fan pushing at front and one pulling at rear. The case is an alloy Coolermaster.

I have built pcs with Antec cases and yes, I think they are good. I will try and source a 450W smart power. Hopefuly, the extra extraction will drop the temp.

I hope the pc is struggling with power and a new PSu solves it like Big bens problem. The pc is usually very reliable. Sometimes...i wish I would just leave it well alone..You know whats its like......Tinker, tinker...Break! Doh!

But thats half the fun with pc's!

  georgemac 10:09 21 Oct 2004

the antec 350 smartpower gives the following max output

ratings +3.3v max 28a +5v max 35a +12v max 21a

which are better than the qtechnology 400 watt

the antec is reasonably quiet and has dual fans.

your 300 watt psu with only 13a on the 12 volt rail will not be enough - what type of mobo? the newer mobo's which use the 4 pin 12 volt connector need a very good 12 volt supply as this is powering the cpu rather than the 3.3/5 volts rails.

I agree with you about q-tec did not know about qtechnology, I read a review about the hiper psu's and is seemed good. But this one click here not so good - antec is king except for Levicom VP500B.BL (500W) at aria click here or PC world click here which has a very wide range of power supplies

  shortcircuit 18:01 21 Oct 2004

Going to get an Antec 450W and see if that solves the problem. Thanks for the advice.



  shortcircuit 18:04 21 Oct 2004

No sorry ...I meant Levicom!

  georgemac 21:31 21 Oct 2004

good luck, let us know how it goes

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