Graphics Card Help Please

  chriscross72 11:28 17 Jan 2008

After discovering that my E-machines E4020 only has PCI slots, not the PCIE slot as stated (there is a space for it but just a row of solder connections and 2 holes)I am trying to find a suitable well priced PCI graphics card that I can play my Christmas present game -Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition- on
I don't really want blistering performance, just to be able to play my game, I don't use the PC for gaming very often.
Please could someone who knows about these things recommend a suitable PCI graphics card, Ive looked in all the high street retailers and online sites I know.
Thanks for any help : ))

  keef66 11:39 17 Jan 2008

Looking at the recommended (rather than the minimum)specs for the game, this looks your best bet, but it's £60!

click here

  DieSse 12:11 17 Jan 2008

An E4020 dates back to 2005 - so it was never going to have PCIe slots. The "missing slot" you can see is probably a non-fitted AGP slot.

  chriscross72 12:21 17 Jan 2008

Comet have this, it it any good ??
click here

  SANTOS7 12:27 17 Jan 2008

In a word NO its an entry level card without all the other bits you can buy for about 20quid now and it will not run TR Aniv...

  SANTOS7 12:31 17 Jan 2008

click here

can't really recommend one but the link have a good selection of AGP cards and are cheaper than other online retailers.

as for novatech they are a superb company to do business with...

  chriscross72 12:34 17 Jan 2008

Unfortunately there are no AGP slots on my MOBO, just 2 PCI and a small black slot about 30mm long which I do not know the function of

  DieSse 12:46 17 Jan 2008

click here

looks OK

  SANTOS7 12:48 17 Jan 2008

considering how old the PCI slot is now i think DieSse has come up with a very cheap solution.
The only other way to go is upgrade but of course thats gonna cost,good luck...

  chriscross72 12:51 17 Jan 2008

Ok thank you all for your kind help
I'll go with the suggestion from DieSse and see how Laura looks ha ha
Thanks again : ))

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