Graphics Card help

  CraigyLFC5 01:38 20 Aug 2010

Hello, i am new to these forums and i am in need of help. Ok so i want to upgrade my graphics card here is some information about my motherboard, PSU and current graphics card:
Manufacturer: MSI
Motherboard Name: MS-7093
Compaq motherboard name: Ahi-UL6E
AC input voltage (47-63Hz):

DC output wattage: 300 Watts
Current Graphics card:
ATI Radeon X300SE
128MB DDR memory
PCI-E (Express) interface
I/O Ports: VGA, Composite, S-Video


click here

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Thats all i can think off, my computer is fairy old. I would like to play PC games.
Iv'e been looking on at graphics card but am confused with all these statistics like "cores" it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction or show me some graphics cards that my PC can handle.
Thanks in advance

  CraigyLFC5 01:56 20 Aug 2010

basically i would like to know which graphics cards my motherboard support

  kristain 07:18 20 Aug 2010

here are some instruction for you

1. Contact your laptop manufacturer to determine if laptop's video card can be upgraded. Unless you purchase a high-end or gaming laptop, the video card is usually not upgradable because it is integrated directly into the motherboard of the computer. Higher-end and gaming laptops have discrete video cards that can oftentimes be upgraded if the laptop manufacturer chose to produce an upgraded model of the video card. If the laptop is unable to have its video card upgraded, you'll have to buy a new laptop to get an upgraded video card.
2. Purchase an upgraded video card directly from the manufacturer. Laptop video cards are specially designed and made by the laptop manufacturers and are generally available only from the manufacturers themselves. You may be able to find them on auction sites or from third-party dealers, but to ensure that the card works properly with your laptop model, you should go through your computer manufacturer.
3. Find out if the card is user-serviceable or not. If it is, you will be sent the part and can install it yourself by taking apart the laptop computer, removing the old video card and putting the new one in. If not, then you may have to pay an additional fee to have the laptop manufacturer send a technician to install the video card for you.

  gengiscant 09:35 20 Aug 2010

What make and model PC?

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