Graphics Card Fan - should it spin all the time?

  BigBadBrent 14:09 09 Apr 2009

Hi, I'm having a problem with my PC freezing every so often and I'm wondering whether I have a problem with my ATI Radeon X800 Pro running under XP.
Should the cooling fan turn constantly?
At power up the fan on the x800 runs for approx. 5 secs then stops. Does the card have a temp sensor and therefore only operates the fan when required?
AMD/ATI Support centre doesn't seem to have the info I'm looking for.
Thanks in anticipation.

  iscanut 14:24 09 Apr 2009

I have an NVidia card, and my fan also comes on at start up for 5 secs or so and then stops. It works fine so that would suggest that fan only operates when card is being used fully.

  BigBadBrent 14:27 09 Apr 2009

Thanks, that sounds like the answer I wanted. I now need to elsewhere for my freezing problem - all a matter of elimination.

  Marko797 14:29 09 Apr 2009

Guess ur talking about an AGP card here?

Might be worth checking in the ATI Catalyst Control Centre and see what's happening (or maybe monitor it) on the temp indicator.

If you don't have the CCC, then u can dl from ATI site.

  Marko797 14:32 09 Apr 2009

might be worth updating drivers - agin available from ATI site.

  BigBadBrent 15:11 09 Apr 2009

Hi Marko797
Thanks for that, I'd already updated with latest driver, but I cant find any temp indicator on CCC. Where is it?

  Marko797 15:18 09 Apr 2009

dbl click the ATI icon in sys tray, look for ATI overdrive which gives u current temp and activity temp gauges. If it does't show, u might have to go to advance view as opposed to basic.

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