Graphics Card Falling Out!!!

  MightyMuppet 17:09 16 Aug 2004

Please Help! I built myself a PC recently and all has been going fine, until recently. Sometimes, when using my PC the screen goes blue or goes out completely.

I traced this to the graphics card where a bit of a wiggle seemed to sort it out. My graphics card has a big heat sink & fan on it which seems to be the reason why it's not making a good contact with the AGP connector.

I've heard that you can get some sort of bracket to hold the graphics card in better, but does anyone know where i can get one? Or of some other way to combat this annoying problem? Thanks in advance!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:48 16 Aug 2004

What make is your Graphics card?

Some of the lastest cards have a little black safety link on them. This can lock the card into positionin the AGP slot.

Have a closer look at your card.

  MightyMuppet 17:53 16 Aug 2004

Its a Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 XT. I had a quick look but could see no clip.

  hugh-265156 17:56 16 Aug 2004

graphics cards do not just fall out. it takes quite a bit of pressure sometimes to get it into the slot in the first place so i cannot see how this would happen if it was inserted properly.

as above most motherboards have a retaining clip on the agp slot. if yours does not have this then all cases have a screw that holds the card to the case pci blanks and that should suffice.

have you by any chance fitted your own heatsink to this card. some people use cut up cpu coolers, now if thats what youve done it may well come loose if your not careful and bump the case. standard cards should be fine in my opinion.

  MightyMuppet 18:08 16 Aug 2004

Sorry, the title was a bit misleading. It doesn't literally fall out i just works its way loose. It's as if not all the contacts are making.

The card is fitted properly & is located in the retaining clip on the agp slot. It is also screwed in to the case.

It is the original heat sink & fan that came with the card. It doesn't touch the case as i done have the side on.

It's more annoying than anything as when it does happen i just have to wiggle the card and this solves the problem. sometimes for a couple of seconds others for a couple of days.

  hugh-265156 18:19 16 Aug 2004

how old is the motherboard? i suppose its possable that the agp slot is slightly worn or damaged if its seen a lot of action.

try removing and re inserting the card a few times and make sure it goes in firmly with a click.

  MightyMuppet 18:27 16 Aug 2004

All the components of my pc are less than 2 months old. I tried reinserting the card several times. Every single attempt left me with now picture at all on the monitor. (it went into power saving mode). It takes about a minute to get the card working. After that every few hours or so the picture either goes a lovely shade of blue, or the monitor goes into power saving mode. Until you lightly press on the card & the picture comes back.

I spoke to a pc repair person today who said there were some form of bracket on the market to hold the card in better/horizontal, but i've had no luck in finding one yet.

  hugh-265156 18:36 16 Aug 2004

a case screw and pci retaining clip is sufficient for standard cards as although they do have hefty HS/F there is not that much weight in them to require more than this so thats all that is needed. if you needed any special retaining mechanism then ATI or the OEM would state this or supply it.

do other cards give you this problem? if so faulty mobo slot maybe. if not faulty card maybe.

  hugh-265156 18:37 16 Aug 2004

sorry typo. pci read as 'AGP retaing clip'

  MightyMuppet 18:46 16 Aug 2004

I don's have another card to test this out. i'll try to obtain one to see if that works. I'm also going to lie the PC on it's side to see if this will have an effect. If not i'll make a bracket to sort it. Thanks for the help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 16 Aug 2004

Careful lying on side do not block air vents if your cpu overheats that is a costly repair.

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