graphics card comparisons

  herc182 22:18 10 Jul 2005

I want a sub £100 graphics card that will give me more joy from my current ati radeon 8500LE 64mb card. i mean i want real noticeable difference.

have athlon 2000+xp with 1.5gb RAM with windows xp home.

posted once before on this but want to know what the latest info is.


PS just bought GTA san andreas and it is chugging all over the place hence the need for a card!!

  citadel 22:31 10 Jul 2005

6600 or save more and get 6600gt do not get any card with le or se in the title.

  herc182 22:42 10 Jul 2005

thanks. any other input? i have read that those two seem to get good reviews. should i think about the ATI 9000 series (i.e. 9600 9700 9800?)

  herc182 22:48 10 Jul 2005

furthermore i only have a 300w PSU so i would like to keep that!

  gudgulf 22:51 10 Jul 2005

For around £100 pounds you should be able to get an ATI 9800pro........this performs nearly as well as a NVidia 6600gt and is currently quite a bit cheaper.Well worth considering click here

However if you can stretch the budget a 6600gt is worth the extra.

  herc182 22:59 10 Jul 2005

Can you please look at the folowing and tell me your thoughts? hard to decide between these!

click here
bottom and fourth from bottom

click here
at the bottom of the page


  herc182 23:41 10 Jul 2005

right have decided on the nvidia 6600GT. now for the best price and information! will i be able to simply take out my old one, put in the new one? are there extra cables required?


  herc182 23:47 10 Jul 2005

sorry just answered my own question. apparently it will need conncting up to PSU. but is my trusty 300w one up to the task?


Any links for the 6600 GT appreciated at a good price!

  garrema 00:25 11 Jul 2005

To stick to you budget I would advocate a 6800LE or a 9800 pro.
A lot of discussions here on this forum about 6600GTs (sorry you will have to do the search) but they seem very power hungry and do a similar job to a 6800LE

  dagwoood 01:50 11 Jul 2005

herc182, the 6600GT is power hungry and a 300w psu wont be adequate. The manufacturer XFX now state you need a psu rated at 450w as a minimum. There were a lot of people who were originally caught out by the power requirements of this card(myself included unfortunately), so if you go for the 6600GT, a new psu would be required.

Bare in mind that the 6600GT needs to be connected directly to your power supply.

click here for a slightly cheaper 6600GT than the one you found with lots of glowing reviews.

garrema's advice makes sense if you don't want to go to the expense of buying a more powerful PSU.

click here and click here (top item) for some good prices for a 9800PRO.

HTH, dagwoood.

  herc182 06:32 11 Jul 2005

so i dont need an extra PSU with the radeon 9000 series? how much better is the 6600GT?

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