Graphics card ATI Radeon vs nVidia which is best!

  Need4Speed 09:30 02 Nov 2005

Can any1 help in offering the following advice shall I go for a ATI RADEON X850 XT PE graphics card or pay extra for a NVIDIA GEFORCE 7800 GTX graphics card. Is there much between the 2?

  seancblack 09:35 02 Nov 2005

u are asking a question which is quite simply gonna get u a lot of mixed feedback, would suggest you read some of the reviews on tomshardware and make your decision from there. Sean

  Need4Speed 09:39 02 Nov 2005

What do you mean tomshardware?

  Grima_Wormtongue 10:09 02 Nov 2005

It's a website which reviews all PC peripherals and benchmarks them! Not sure if your allowed to post direct links, so do a google search and it will appear near the top of your search!

If you would like my personal experience, I currently own a Nvidia 7800GT, and I think it is fantastic! It plays the latest games like Battlefield 2 a dream and for me was £80 cheaper than the GTX. I found that on a lot of hardware review sites (again do a search for the graphics card you would like a review for) found that the GTX gave only a 10fps advantage over the GT, and of course we are paying a price premium at the moment because it is the latest technology! This is before overclocking of course, as well :) The latest Forceware drivers 81.85, also allow for you to use different manufacturers cards if you have a SLI capable motherboard, you only need to ensure it is the same graphics card i.e. 2 GT's!

Before this I had an ATI 9800XT, which was pretty good, but I often found the Catalyst drivers for the then latest games to be a little lacking. There would often be 'sparklies' in games that relied on darkness and hiding, like Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, and it really annoyed me. After 2 years this card died on me, the fan that cooled the GPU stopped (which I found to be a common fault), and had a difficult job trying to get a RMA raised by the retailer, even though I kept all the original literature, and the box stated that it had a 3 year warranty! I have also read on a couple of PC websites that ATI are going to scrap 3 year warranties and only offer the maximum of a 1 year warranty! So that does not give me personally great optimism for their new range of graphics cards, as my GT is covered by a 3 year warranty.

Good luck on your purchase, and again just put in a search for e.g. Nvidia 7800 gtx review, and you will get loads of results!

  gudgulf 10:16 02 Nov 2005

Toms Hardware Guide click here

You will find some very good in depth reviews there.

Right now the top spec card is the 7800GTX which is much,much faster than an ATI x850 xt pe.

When the new ATI x1800xt is available then things are much more even....the new ATI card is slightly faster than the 7800GTX.

Have a good read through the reviews on Toms Hardware Guide and also have a look at click here and click here

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