Graphics Card Advice Needed

  NJ4959 12:42 15 Sep 2008

I will shortly be upgrading my computer, and will need a PCI-E graphics card. As I don't play games, I feel the NVidia GeForce 8 Series will suffice. The only question is which one, there are so many? I do not need the SLI function.

What is the difference between a 8600GT with 32 cores (what are the cores?) and 1GB of memory, and a 8800GT with 112 cores, but only 256MB of memory? Logic (and price) dictate the 8800 is better, but how does it compare when it only has a quarter of the memory of the 8600?

All help gratefully received.

  wjrt 13:25 15 Sep 2008
  NJ4959 16:33 18 Sep 2008

Thanks for that, the hierarchy chart makes interesting reading.

Does anyone know how much difference the memory makes, with regards to a lower power GPU having 4 times the memory of a higher powered GPU?

  crosstrainer 16:37 18 Sep 2008

If you don't play games or use graphically intense software, then an 8800GT will be more than enough.

In fact if you can find one a 7 series (7900GT or similar) would be fine:

click here

Some ideas above.

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