Graphics Card advice again please

  Tenacious Green 21:25 06 Jan 2006

Second installment of my brother-in-laws graphics card advice. Last time we established he needed PCI-express card after finally finding out his motherboard. I then went away to look for one.

This is what I found having persuaded him that £30-40 wasn't enough even second hand, but being short of cash He can't go much further.

click here

For the price it looks ok. He only needs it to play Guild wars. He will updating system memory too to 512MB from 256MB.

Thoughts please as I cannot find an independant review of this product.

  Skyver 21:31 06 Jan 2006

Looks decent, the memory upgrade will be very timely as the Turbocache cards use system memory from what I've read. Very little info on the net as you say click here

  Tenacious Green 21:37 06 Jan 2006

click here

indicates it has its own memory which is omething I can't seem to confirm anywhere.

  Totally-braindead 21:38 06 Jan 2006

click here heres some others. I had a quick look at your link and also at this one on the Novatech site click here 32mb onboard and it borrows the rest. I'm not sure about this I think I'll see if I can find any reviews of any of these cards. Personally I'd rather spend an extra tenner and get one that doesn't borrow memory.

  Tenacious Green 21:42 06 Jan 2006

It is not clear with the XFX 6500 whether it has its own memory. Surely it would say like the others seem to if not?

  Starfox 21:43 06 Jan 2006

for that sort of money.He should be able to play any of the games on release at present.I have seen so called *Gaming PC's* beig sold with lesser spec cards.It is capable of doing all he wants and more.

  Tenacious Green 21:45 06 Jan 2006

Does this mean it is onboard memory?

click here

  Skyver 21:46 06 Jan 2006

They have their own memory, but as has been said, borrow some system memory. click here

  Totally-braindead 21:46 06 Jan 2006

NVIDIA® TurboCache™ Technology
Shares the capacity and bandwidth of dedicated video memory and dynamically available system memory for turbocharged performance and larger total graphics memory. From the XFX website. The thing I can't find out is how much memory it actually has and how much it borrows.

  PaulB2005 21:48 06 Jan 2006

6500 has 128 mb onbaord and can use up to 256 mb in total. (i think - it's not worded very well...)

click here

  Tenacious Green 21:50 06 Jan 2006

If it is 128MB onboard in my opinion that would make it excellent value for a card that price.

Its just a shame it is not so clear what the onboard actually is!

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