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  Dirk Diggler 19:51 21 Sep 2010

I am looking to upgrade the graphics card that came with my PC. It is currently an Nvidia 8500GT

I have started playing a bit of Flight Sim X and noticed that the graphics are not all they could be and also when editing videos in Movie Maker I have noticed it stuttering a bit

I have looked at a few sites but know very little about what will boost my graphics performance

Can anyone recommend some cards that would give me a noticeable boost - budget hopefully in the £60 - £90 mark? Can it be done on that budget?

My system is

Intel Q6600 Quadcore
1 x 320GB Internal
1 x 500GB External

Many thanks

  Devil Fish 20:27 21 Sep 2010

9800gtx here for just shy of £75 + i believe around £8 next day delivery not used these guys for a whileso that may have changed

the card is a bit dated bit but still a good card will more than cover your needs click here


it is oem so all you get is the card.
Requires a 16 lane pci slot check mobo documentation.
A minimum 500w powers supply required and you may have to buy seperate pci power adaptors for it

Also lenght wise this is a big card 275mm long so check it will fit in your case if you decide to go with it

having said that in the price range you are looking at this card will give you the best bang for your buck

  Dirk Diggler 20:49 21 Sep 2010

Thanks for that - I had an idea that i may be looking at a new PSU before I could add a new card as my PC still has the one it came with (250W)

  ams4127 20:54 21 Sep 2010

If it's of any help, I'm running a Radeon 4890 card and FSx, with everything set on ultra high, is completely smooth. No stuttering/freezing or problems of any kind.

  Dirk Diggler 21:05 21 Sep 2010

Thats very useful to know, thank you, as it's the FSX that I would really like to improve on

Slightly more than current budget but from what you say then maybe the few extra £££ could be well worth the investment :-)

Everything on Ultra High! - Sounds nice! :-)

  ams4127 22:54 21 Sep 2010

It was top of the range when I got my machine about a year ago! It won't run the new DX11 and I really wouldn't bother trying to run FSX in DX10 either. I've never read of anyone who uses it.

I'm running a Phenom X4 965 Black Edition with 8GB of RAM and a 750 watt PSU.

I used to run FSX on my old laptop which had an Intel core 2 duo processor, 2GB RAM and a 8600M graphics card. Believe it or not, with the settings turned down a couple of notches the game ran smoothly there as well.

If I can be of any further help then just ask!

  citadel 11:36 22 Sep 2010

have a look in your nearest cash converter shop, i have seen a lot of cards 4870 4850 etc lately as people have upgraded to dx11 cards and are selling their old dx10 cards. i think you get a warrenty for a period of time.

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