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  Plastic Dracula 13:16 10 Feb 2008

Hi people,

my sister and her bloke are after a new graphics card for their PC. He plays games on it and finds that games like FEAR and Stalker struggle a bit and some new games dont play at all. They are both fairly new to the world of PC's so have been asking around for a half decent budget price graphics card which will improve their system.

They were recommended a XFX GeForce 8500 GT Fatal1ty PCI-E 512MB DDR which is £100 at PC world.

Is it any good? Is that good price?

Any other recommendations of something similar for under £100?

What about this?
click here

Any advice gratefully received.


  citadel 13:24 10 Feb 2008

radeon 3850 256 memory version or if you can stretch to £118 a 512 memory version. 8500 is no good for games.

  Marko797 13:28 10 Feb 2008

if they can use PCI-E, or whether their mobo only allows AGP.

If AGP, threads on here indicate Radeon Sapphire X1950 Pro is the best at the moment.

If PCI-E, then there are a whole bunch of contenders.

  citadel 13:32 10 Feb 2008

make sure any card you fancy has ddr3 memory as ddr2 on a graphics card is too slow.

  Totally-braindead 13:49 10 Feb 2008

Marko797 and citadel have it right as far as I am concerned.
If its AGP then a 1950 Pro is possibly the best you can get, though it is a tad above budget click here, if its PCI Express then personally the best is the GeForce 8800GT click here but that is way over your budget and you don't say what the spec of the PC is, therefore I would consider a 8600GT as thats below your budget click here and is a pretty good card.

The one you linked to is not great and I have to say that is not as good as the 8600GT I linked to. Its a better card and faster.

Have a look here click here and here click here and see what you think.

Two things perhaps might be worth mentioning apart from whether you have AGP or PCI Express. Theres no point spending a large amount of money or a super duper graphics card if the rest of the PC can't keep up with it, so if you have a slower processor and little RAM theres no point. Also look at your power supply as that might need replaced. Newer faster cards need a decent power supply and if you did have to replace it something like the 8600GT and a power supply could be got for less than the £100 you say you have.

  Darth_chaffinch 14:05 10 Feb 2008

In the same boat as Dream Police, is the 8800GT mentioned by T.Braindead much better than my Winfast px6600GT TDH. I'm running it on a Dee 5150 and am unsure whether it could handle a 8800GT.

  Darth_chaffinch 14:06 10 Feb 2008

sorry, that should be Dell 5150

  Totally-braindead 14:25 10 Feb 2008

A 8800GT would blow a 6600GT out of the water. Its a lot a faster hence the pricing.

I should perhaps point out my first Toms Hardware link is rather out of date especially on prices.

And as to whether your PC can take a 8800GT it must have PCI Express to take one as a 8800GT is not available for AGP. Power supply might be ok as the 6600GT is meant to need a minimum 300-350 watts but a 8800GT needs a minimum 400-450 watts. And personally to be safe I would like another 100 watts on top of that so I'd be looking for a 550 watts power supply.

I have to mention that Dell use some sort of mean rating on their power supplies and therefore if you have a Dell with say a 350 watt power supply it might well supply as much juice as a 450 watt one. Weird that.

Also make sure that you have the power connectors spare if the card takes a seperate lead.

  Darth_chaffinch 14:32 10 Feb 2008

Thanks for the info, can you recommend in idiots guide site for upgrading PSU please? Can my motherboard take more power?

  crosstrainer 14:34 10 Feb 2008

Is a good mid-range card (PCI-Express slot required)

It eats FEAR for breakfast, even in widescreen resoloutions that the game is not optimised for.

It does however require an extra power connector from your power supply.

click here

  Totally-braindead 14:48 10 Feb 2008

Your motherboard can take more power thats not a problem. The power rating is how much the power supply CAN provide not what it WILL. What I mean is that the power supply only supplies the power that is asked of it. Fitting a more powerful power supply is just a matter of plugging it in.

But Dells used to be funny and the connectors were reversed with two of the wires. Depending on how old your computer is I would email Dell and ask for info on your power supply and the connections just in case.

If its standard and I think it will be as I'm sure Dell no longer do this then its just a matter of plugging it in. This can be more differcult if you have a slimline case but if its a standard PC case with a normal power supply then its easy to replace. click here

The 8800GTS is an excellent card and is better than the 8800GT but is a bit more expensive than the GT version. as with all things it comes down to cost.

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