Graphics Card for about £70

  jeez 21:30 06 May 2003

I'm after a better graphics card (currently onboard prosavage 32mbddr shared) I can't spend more that about £70 inc vat but am after the best card I can get for this money and suggestions, reviews, etc will be much appreciated. Jim

  MartinT-B 21:35 06 May 2003

Whatever you do, DO NOT get the nVidia MX 440.

You should be able to get a Radeon 9000 or 9100 for about £60.00 + VAT

  jeez 21:40 06 May 2003

martinT-B thanks for the advice, the problem is I don't have a clue as how to judge the performance of the different cards out there, one's Ive seen so far are radeon 7500, 9000, 9100, geforce 4, geforce 3 ti200, anf fx5200 but I don't have a cluse as to which one's best or if theres another out there (in my price range) that's better than them all. Help!

  Totally-braindead 21:56 06 May 2003

Read the reviews available on the web, tomshardware in particular will give you reviews of the cards together as indeed does pcadvisor and all the other mags, have a look at their websites. I upgraded from a GeForce 2MX to a Radeon 9000 and am pleased with my purchase. Have a look at for some good prices as well as dabs and novatech. Why not try to get one of pcadvisors recommended cards?

  hugh-265156 21:58 06 May 2003

get one with 64-128mb of memory and whichever is clocked the highest aim for 250mhzclock and 250mhz memory at this price or there abouts.

  MartinT-B 22:02 06 May 2003

the nVidia MX 440 was 'rushed' out by Nvidia and is actually based on their old chipset.

the Ti range has a good reputation, but at the moment the best is the Radeon Chipset.

Other Manufacturers use this chipset to make their versions of the Radeon Range.

This goes from 8000 (I think) right up to 9800 all-in-wonder Pro at £300+ VAT!

You can't go wrong with the 9000 or the newer 9100.

click here for tom's hardware graphics card reviews

  jeez 22:04 06 May 2003

totally braindead, I am like your nick on this subject, but don't have time to trawl through loads of reviews, I know it's a bit cheeky but was hoping to draw on experience and opinions of forum members on this one (can't beat good old fashioned word of mouth in my book!) please keep your comments coming.... pretty please

  dirtyh 22:13 06 May 2003

n vidia ti 500 is the best ive used and the best value 4 money can be a second hand g/force 2 ultra better than the g/force 2 ti around £40 on ebay.or as the rest say radion 9000 very good card.

  Joe McG 22:14 06 May 2003


If you can afford an extra £10, I would say that for a cheap gfx card, this is probably the best, i have used.

Gainward Geforce 3 Ti/500, with 128Mb ddr. are currently doing these for £77.99.

  hugh-265156 22:15 06 May 2003

i use this and it plays everything ive tried so far no probs including unreal tournament ms flight sim 02 freelancer etc at a steady framerate click here dont know if it will handel doom 3 though.

  Beas-Knees 22:24 06 May 2003

Have a look here click here

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