graphics card

  jamesd1981 16:43 06 Nov 2009

im thinking of upgrading my graphics card to a ddr3 could anyone tell me will it affect the performance of a ddr3 card as my memory is only ddr2.

  GaT7 18:12 06 Nov 2009

Not very much if any, but will depend on usage.

What card do you have at present, & what card are you thinking of upgrading to? Links will help. G

  jamesd1981 20:11 06 Nov 2009

just now i have a nivida 9500gt 512mb ddr2 and the card im looking at is a nivida 9600gt 1gb ddr3

  GaT7 20:22 06 Nov 2009

Well, you're also comparing 2 different cards, not just RAM type. Yes, the 9600GT will be noticeably better.

Why are you upgrading & how much are you buying it for? Also please note that the 9600GT may require additional power from the PSU. A link to the 9600GT will be most helpful. G

  jamesd1981 20:28 06 Nov 2009

click here is where im buying it from im just upgrading my machine in general i upgraded from 3gb to 6gb ram which is crucial pc 5300 ddr2 which is why i was unsure if i could use ddr2 ram sticks with a card using ddr3. thanks

  woodchip 20:32 06 Nov 2009

DDR on the card as nothing to do With Motherboard DDR. They work independent

  GaT7 20:37 06 Nov 2009

If you're not a gamer, a better graphics card isn't going to improve your computing at all. So I'd advise not to waste your money on a new graphics card.

However, if you must, get a 'green' 9600GT
click here. This will not require a PCI-E connector.

Or, better still, go in for a HD4670 that probably uses even less power, is cheaper, whilst being just as good - click here & scroll to the bottom & view the following pages as well. There are some fanless ones available too (e.g. click here) that'll be completely silent in operation. G

  GaT7 20:40 06 Nov 2009

"...which is why i was unsure if i could use ddr2 ram sticks with a card using ddr3. thanks" - as woodchip says, there's no connection between the two. A DDR1 graphics card will work just as well in a DDR3 system RAM PC. G

  jamesd1981 21:25 06 Nov 2009

awrite guys thanks didint know they were independant il check out the ones you suggested.

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