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  podlod 13:16 18 Dec 2007

Hi, I want to upgrade my nvidia Geforce 7600 graphics card to an Geforce 8800, but can you please tell me if it is easy enough for me to take the side of my pc and change it myself, and what do I have to do once installed. My pc engineer only has to look at my computer and rubs his hands!!!thanks for any help.

  Devil Fish 13:30 18 Dec 2007

is your 7600 agp or pci - e you will need to check this. If it is agp you will not be able to do the 8800 upgrade without replacing the mobo

  howard64 13:30 18 Dec 2007

taking the side off usually involves undoing a few philips screws. The important thing is that the two cards have the same connections. ie if your old one is a few years old it could well be an agp card and the new one could be pci-e which are not interchangeable.

  keef66 13:31 18 Dec 2007

It is very easy to replace a graphics card.

First go to add / remove Programs, and uninstall the drivers for your old card. Turn off the pc, and unplug the power lead just to be safe. Also unplug the monitor cable from the socket on the back of the pc. Take the side off the pc. Identify the graphics card (it's the one the monitor was attached to a minute ago) and remove the screw which scures it to the back of the pc (some pc's have clips instead) Also unplug any power leads attached to the card, then holding it carefully by the edges, wriggle it out of the slot on the motherboard.
Inserting the new one is a reverse of this process. Make sure it's properly seated in the slot and secured by it's screw (or clip) at the backplate. Attach any power cable(s)it requires. Put the case back together, plug in the monitor and power cables.
Power up the pc, the hardware wizard will tell you it's found something new, install the drivers for it, and off you go!

  podlod 13:58 18 Dec 2007

Hi there, all I know is that it is Nvidia Geforce 7800gt ( not 7600 ) other than that how do I find out if it is agp or pci?
And when I have replaced it, do I have to configure anything when i reboot?

  paul242 14:03 18 Dec 2007

dont forget to earth yourself before touching any of the components in a pc, components dont like any static electricity which may come off your body.

  keef66 16:39 18 Dec 2007

have a look in device manager under display adapter it should tell you

(right click My Computer, choose manage, then Device Manager. Click the + next to display adapter)

  keef66 16:45 18 Dec 2007

Ignore that, no it doesn't.

Try looking in system Info

Start / programs / accessories /system tools / system info

  podlod 13:29 19 Dec 2007

Hi keef 66, I looked where you said, and I do believe its a pci system, what does that mean and what do I do next?

  keef66 13:54 19 Dec 2007

graphics cards have come in 3 basic types over the past 10 years. First there was PCI. these are the standard white coloured slots on a motherboard which all kinds of expansion cards fitted into; graphics, sound cards, modems, network cards etc etc. Hard to find PCI graphics cards these days.
Next they developed a faster, graphics specific slot called AGP, which was usually, but not always, coloured brown, and about halfway up the board above the PCI slots.
Most recently (3 yrs?), motherboards have moved to PCI-express, with the graphics card slots being PCI-express 16x. They look a bit like an AGP slot but longer.

Just to be absolutely sure, how old is the pc?Whip open the pc case and have a quick look. Can you see the motherboard manufacturer and model no. printed anywhere? Often between the memory slots or the PCI slots.

  keef66 14:02 19 Dec 2007

Thinking about it, if you have a 7800GT at the moment, it won't be PCI, it has to be AGP or PCI-express. Simplest thing to do is whip out the card and compare it with pics of agp and pci-express cards. The metal contacts along the bottom of the card have the gap near the end of the slot for PCI-express, and it's near the middle for AGP

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