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  marbles 15:00 30 Sep 2006

Im looking to upgrade my graphics card, but most now days have dvi connectors. Will this be compatable with my system ?. Is it just a case of buying a new cable. At present i have a flat screen monitor. Im looking to buy a 6600gt, upgrade from ge-force 6200.I have heard a lot about the 6600gt does any one have one a present and are they any good.

  Totally-braindead 15:23 30 Sep 2006

I presume its a AGP card you are looking for. The 6200 is a poor card by modern standards, the 6600GT is far superior. You might also consider a 7600GS as this is meant to be the replacement for the 6600GT and is just slightly better. Theres not a huge difference in it, if the 7600GS is a lot dearer than the 6600GT then just go for the cheaper one, but if its just a couple of quid then go for the 7600GS.

Either will be a vast improvement and you will be happy with them. Regarding the DVI output only this is not a problem as the card should come with a DVI to VGA adaptor and this is just screwed into place. Worth checking but the cards I have seen all included one.
Only word of warning is make sure your power supply is up to it, both cards use a lot of power and have seperate connectors as the AGP slot can't provide enough juice on its own. I have the 7600GS PCI Express card and am very happy with it, good card for the money.

  marbles 15:29 30 Sep 2006

Thanks for your help, think that,s solved a lot of problems. I have a 350 watt power supply will that be o.k ?.

  Totally-braindead 15:35 30 Sep 2006

It might. Its differcult to say before actually trying it. If its a good quality power supply ie a branded one and not one you get with a standard PC you may be ok. It depends on what else you have dragging power from the PC. Have a look at this power table and see what it says but bear in mind this is just to give you an idea it does nor guarantee it will be ok click here
When you start moving towards good modern graphics cards such as the 6600GT then a good quality power supply becomes more essential. To be honest 350 watts is borderline. If it does cause problems you could always upgrade to a new power supply as well after you try it.

  Totally-braindead 15:41 30 Sep 2006

This is a better power supply calculator click here forget the first one its too old.

  marbles 16:02 30 Sep 2006

according to the site you mentioned i need only 226 watts of power, so it seems i have room to spare. But as you say i wont know until i try it. Thanks for all your help you have been very informative,
P.S can you move next door, then i have my own it expert on hand lol.
Thanks again, Tony

  Totally-braindead 16:12 30 Sep 2006

Not likely too many people bothering me already.

Seriously though, if you find that there is problems when playing a demanding game then its easy enough just to replace the power supply with a decent higher rated one. You will find that if you go on some of the graphics cards manufacturers websites that they recommend a minimum power supply of 350 watts sometimes 450 watts so bear this in mind.

Have a look here click here download the 6600GT card datasheet and you will be able to see they specify a 450 watt power supply needed. Admitedly this is the PCI Express card but the AGP version will be fairly similar.

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