Graphics Card - 256MB RAM or 512MB?

  Colin 11:48 27 Jul 2006

I am currently looking into replacing my current graphics card. The model I am considering is a Radeon X1800XT which can have 256MB RAM or 512MB. Is there any real benefit having the extra RAM? I have read reviews saying that the more memory gives higher frame rates, but does anyone have any opinions themselves?


  xania 13:32 27 Jul 2006

Some games and video can be quite jerky is you don't have enough memory - both RAM and on the video card. It really depaneds what you want to use your PC to do. If you can afford more RAM, go for it.

  Colin 22:18 27 Jul 2006

Thanks, Xania.
Anyone else?
The price difference between the 256MB version and the 512MB version is £80 so I'm thinking if the extra £80 is worth it.

  Jimmy14 22:21 27 Jul 2006

I would spend the extra £80, it will benefit you and only if you can afford it GO for it!

  Diodorus Siculus 22:22 27 Jul 2006

What is the spec of the rest of your machine? Unless very high, the extra graphics card RAM won't make much of a difference.

  Colin 22:24 27 Jul 2006

I have a P4 3.2GHz with 2GB RAM. I currently have a Radeon X800XL 256 MB. Most games run OK, but F.E.A.R and others are not so good with it.

  gudgulf 22:53 27 Jul 2006

click here

click here

Something to get you started.

Lots of info on Google.

With most current games/setups 256MB will be fine,but with a powerful card like the x1800xt you may well get some advantage from the full 512MB.

If I were buying I would go with 512MB......while the benefits are currently not great,in the words of the great sage TESCO,"Every little helps".

My own system is P4 3.2GHz/2GB RAM/ X800XT (AGP).

I agree that the X800 struggles a bit with F.E.A.R. but am facing a complete overhaul to get the latest PCI-e graphicsa cards......all I need is the cash to do it!!

  Colin 23:22 27 Jul 2006

Thanks, for the responses.

I think I'll bite the bullet and go for the 512MB version.

  Colin 12:56 28 Jul 2006

I have seen a Radeon X1800XT 512MB for £234.94 incl. VAT and an X1900XT 512MB also for £234.94. at The X1900XT has a slightly slower memory speed than the X1800XT - 1450MHz compared to 1500MHz but has more pixel shaders and it is newer technology so I will probably go for the X1900XT. I have read reviews that say the X1900XT is a lot noisier than the X1800XT - does anyone have personal experience of this?

Overclockers graphics cards are a lot cheaper than elsewhere. Does anyone have experience of having a graphics card from them? The cards are a well known brand, Connect 3D, but being cynical can anyone allay my fears?

  Colin 22:09 28 Jul 2006

Anyone before I take the plunge?

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