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  silverdragon4 18:30 08 Nov 2005

hihi all,

A bit of advice needed. I am looking for a good graphics card. Right now I have a X300, not the best is it :( so, I am looking for the best I can get for between £200 and £300. £350 max I guess.

any Ideas?

  ACOLYTE 18:32 08 Nov 2005

You could probably get the whole pc for £350 lol.

  Skills 18:44 08 Nov 2005

You can get youself a top end GFX card for that budget.

Right at the top end of your budget is the geforce 7800GTX for £349 with 24 pixel pipelines and 450 core speed and 1.25Ghz memory clock click here

  silverdragon4 19:00 08 Nov 2005

Looks real nice, how cn i tell if it will work on my computer?

I have a Hewlett-Packard Pavillion Intel(R)
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.93GHz. 512MB RAM

im not very computer literate, hehe

  Skills 19:23 08 Nov 2005

The main thing is if your graphic card slot is AGP or PCIe. Googling the x300 it looks like its an PCIe card in which case it will take any PCIe card which is what the above card is. So you need to double check if you have a PCIe slot everest which will do an audit of your computers hardware will be able to tell you that click here

That card I posted may well be overkill you can pick up a 6600GT which is a good mid range card for about £150 click here

  citadel 20:11 08 Nov 2005

I would get a 6800gt and increase system ram to 1024.

  silverdragon4 20:27 08 Nov 2005

I have run Everest. it says

Bus Type PCI Express x16

Is that what is needed?

  silverdragon4 22:44 08 Nov 2005

I was thinking this one:

click here

what you think?

  Skills 23:53 08 Nov 2005

Yep your system will take that card, but it does need an extra power connector so you may need to upgrade your power supply as well, as the one that came with your system probably wont be up to it.

Heres an article with some benchmarks of the card you are looking at it comes in in the top 3 in the 3d mark scores click here

I would also suggest upgrading your RAM with another 512 stick as some newer games now really like to have a gig or RAM.

  silverdragon4 04:45 09 Nov 2005

Yep, I will be upgrading to 1Gig Ram. sounds like I have a winner with the Power Color Radeon X850 XT Platinum. sure hope that power supply dosnt cost much, hehe

  silverdragon4 16:05 09 Nov 2005

umm, seems i got more advice. So, here is the final cut.

PowerColor X850 XT Platinum Edition
click here


click here

any help on choosing?

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