Graphics card - 2 requirements !

  pipfan 22:59 13 Nov 2010

Hi all

I have a Nvidia Geforce 8600GT graphics card that is on its last legs and needs replacing. Do play some of the latest games so need something farily decent but have a couple of requirements:

1 - must be quiet, because of the PC's locations can't have anything that sounds like a jet taking off !

2 - needs to cost no more than about £80.

Any recommendations you can make much appreciated - it's been ages since I last looked at GC's, and so I'm completely out of touch.



  Devil Fish 02:42 14 Nov 2010

sometimes upgrading can be a futile exercise given your budget and requirements it a tough call as the only way you are going to achieve quiet is 3rd party cooler /passive cooling or water cooling and with the new breed of card i would take passive out of the equation especially for gaming

I would also suggest that to meet pixel paradise you would be looking a minimum spend of £150 for a card alone

if you could post a few more details about your pc spec ie processor ram we may be able to advise as to wether it is a viable upgrade or wether you would be better saving up for a new rig

  AL47 10:21 14 Nov 2010

if you can push to 90 pound or so you can get the very capable 4870

click here

it does require a better than mediocre psu tho

click here

but is leagues ahead and will play almost anything you throw at it

click here

  Armchair 10:32 14 Nov 2010

If your CPU is any good, I would just bite the bullet and get an nVidia GTX 460 768Mb. Any one will do, and you can get one for about £115. Worth paying the bit extra imo.

  Devil Fish 00:17 16 Nov 2010

the problem i see without some sort of system spec their is no point in suggesting cards

if it is an ageing machine just throwing a new card in is not always the answer to increasing performance

  GaT7 00:57 16 Nov 2010

As AL47 mentions, don't forget that having a capable enough PSU is very important. If your present one isn't good enough for the suggestions, you'll need to factor this into your budget. Or, increase your budget.

Another thing you'd like to check is available physical space in your PC case. If you get one that doesn't fit, you'll be looking at buying a case as well!

Couple of GPUs that may not need a PSU change (or a new PC case either) are an ATI HD 4670 & nVidia GT 240. Will need more details about your PSU & case space to confirm.

I'd also say that your CPU needs to be dual-core & have 2Gb system RAM at the very least to get the best out of the GPU. G

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