Graphics card for 1680x1050 @75Hz

  rjsmith 20:50 02 Mar 2008

Graphics card for 1680x1050 @75Hz refresh rate - does such a thing exist?
Will i hurt my eyes as my current card (ATI x1900 512 MB) will only do my LCD 22 inch at 60 hertz?
Is there a site which lists all the modes of different cards?

  citadel 21:02 02 Mar 2008

60 is normal for a lcd they are different from crt where normal is 75 to 85.

  Stuartli 23:21 02 Mar 2008

As citadel states, flat screen monitors usually operate at 60Hz refresh rate.

Have you checked all your graphics card's suitable colour/resolution/refresh modes from List All Modes?

Right click on the Desktop>Properties?Settings tab>Advanced button>Adapter tab>click on List All Modes.

You can change the settings from here if you wish by highlighting a particular combination and confirming it with OK - ensure that Windows doesn't have to reboot.

  keef66 11:06 03 Mar 2008

leave it at 60hz, it will be fine

  rjsmith 18:11 03 Mar 2008

Thanks for all the help - very useful and I feel happy now.

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