Graphics card???

  Tempest1 22:40 10 Oct 2004

  Tempest1 22:44 10 Oct 2004

Sorry, finger slipped.
I'm wanting to upgrade and am considering either the 5700 256mb or ati 9600xt 256mb. Any advice would be appreciated. Other options considered I have £100 max to spend.
System Atholon64 3000,Windows XP pr0 512 mb

  BITS&BOBS 22:56 10 Oct 2004

Yes my advise given your budget and system would be to spend an extra £30 and get a 9800Pro or the 5900XT click here click here

The cards you mention are OK but really are of the pace given whats out there and you really are getting double the performance with the jump to 9800Pro.

The 256MB in cards with less than 8 pixel piplines, the two cards you mention, never is able to come into effect due to the bottleneck of only having 4 piplines as the card cant generate a high fill rate for demanding games , only look at 256MB cards when going 9800Pro fx5900 and above.

Having said that if your not into the latest 3D games they will be fine but dont expect anything great.

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