graphics car interference through mic

  badhooverdog 18:20 07 Oct 2008

hello all
have just installed a new graphics card (9600gt) but it seems to be causing noise though my mic. when i plug mic in get a whining,buzzing that apppears to copy the gpu fan.comes through the speakers & also the headphone. used the same mic with 7600gt with no probs.

any thoughts appreciated. BHD

  Bris 19:15 07 Oct 2008

Cover the mic and see if it still occurs, if it does then the mic is picking up the interference via the cable. Did you fit the new card in the same slot as the old one? If not try that. It may be that the fan is of a different type to the old one. If it is controllable then it could be the coils of the fan causing the problem in which case its a screening problem. Other things to try are moving the mic cable as far away from the fan as possible.
Hope this helps.

  badhooverdog 19:37 07 Oct 2008

Thanks for the response Bris. Graphics card is in the same slot - i only have one. Have tried moving the cable as you suggested but no better.
Will have a fiddle with the audio settings & see if that helps. cheers, BHD

  Bris 19:32 09 Oct 2008

Sorry, realised after that you could only have one slot for the graphics card. Do you have a sound card? If so shifting that to a slot furthest from the graphics card may help, however, if you are using on board graphics then that suggestion is out. The usual reason for this type of problem is that the mic lead is picking up interference either directly from the fan or if it has a variable speed fan it could be from the speed control circuitry either way the screening on the mic cable should eliminate this. Cables should be as short as possible, screened, routed as far away from the source of the problem as you can, and not coiled up anywhere along the run. Are you able to try another mic?

  Lmar 19:36 09 Oct 2008

not much help to your query but i was looking at buying the 9600, how does it run? also is it a low profile/ half height?

  Bris 20:20 09 Oct 2008

Sorry meant on board sound!

  woodchip 21:43 09 Oct 2008

Take the card back and change it as its not meeting regs for interference

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