graphics benchmark

  musiclady 19:27 25 Feb 2003

My spec is amd xp2400
DDr400 @ 512mb
and a msi ti4200 128ddr.
My benchmark with 3dmark 2003 was 1027.Is that good or bad?

  Djohn 19:33 25 Feb 2003

If you can answer the question from powerless, it may help to advide you. regards. J.

  Djohn 19:34 25 Feb 2003

advide = advise :o(

  NIGEY 19:38 25 Feb 2003

thats on a amd athlon 1800xp with nvidia tnt 4 128mbddr and 120gb hd and score 7000+ not that im braggin you understand!

  powerless 19:41 25 Feb 2003

click here

Its good :-)

3dmark 2003 is really to test the performance of a DirectX 9 card.

Your ti4200 card is not a true DirectX 9 card.

I have a similar spec PC to yours if you click here here is my result. I have Direct X 9 installed but my ti4600 lacks some hardware to make use of all the DirectX 9 features.

Having DirectX9 did improve my score a little, if your interested you can install it if you click here

Further reading click here

Also updating to the most recent drivers (if you havnt already may improve your score just a little) click here

  powerless 19:42 25 Feb 2003

You have 3D mark 2001SE...

Not even a DX9 card the ATI Radeon 9700 pro can reach that score.


  powerless 19:47 25 Feb 2003

The link to the futuremark site umm is actually my score, i was experimenting ;-) with the puter you understand.

Highest score was 1725.

  musiclady 19:50 25 Feb 2003

my spec
cpu amd xp 2400
512mb ddr400
2 x hd 30g 80g
ti4200 128mb
all the latest drivers including direct9x

  powerless 20:03 25 Feb 2003

Your score is good musiclady, be impressed...

You could right click your desktop > Properties > Appearance > Advanced > "Geforce Ti 4200" tab at the top > Properties and quality settings (little window will pop out to the left) Make sure you have the following settings...

Performance - Application

Antialiasing - Off (no antialiasing)

Anisotrpotic Filtering - Off

In other words all sliders to the left = OFF

Also make sure there is no tick in "Texture sharpening"...

Also have no programs running in the background.

If you wish to improve your score do the above.

  powerless 20:04 25 Feb 2003

Performance and quality settings (little window will pop out to the left).

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