Graphics Accelarator. What is it?

  Alf58 21:34 25 Sep 2004

My son brought home a game called B17 Gunner, a WWII shoot em up. Although the game loaded and played the graphics were terribly distored huge black lines where there should have been distant aeroplanes gun sights disappearing and reappearing.

In the help files it said the game required a "graphics accelarator". I'm not clear what such a thing is. Is it hardwear I install in addition to my existing graphics card? Is it something that replaces my Graphics card?
My existing set up is a 2.6 Pentium, 512 Meg Ram and NVIDIA G Force MX20 graphics card with 17" CTR monitor, Win XP Professional with SP2.

All contributions eagerly awaited.

  AndySD 22:00 25 Sep 2004

Your GForce MX20 is your Graphics Accelerator. But it may be a bit slow for the game.

First though try updating the Graphics Drivers. click here

  AndySD 22:12 25 Sep 2004

I should have siad...

You need to download the drivers...when finished downloading go to Add/Remove Programs and look for the NVIDIA drivers and remove them. You will need to reboot the PC and then install the ones you downloaded.

  Alf58 22:22 25 Sep 2004

Thank you for your response. I have discovered my graphics card is an Nvidia G Force MX 420 not MX 20. Not sure about installing drivers. Worried whole thing could go pear shaped. How can I tell if my drives are up to date or not? The ones on the sight are dated July 04.

  User-312386 22:29 25 Sep 2004

you need this one click here

  Alf58 22:29 25 Sep 2004

I found out my version of drivers is 61.77 which is the latest. I guess my card is ok for general work but not up to the demands of the latest games.

  JonnyTub 22:29 25 Sep 2004

you need to upgrade your graphics card Alf58 to a one that will better cope with your game, on the other hand if your not the game playing type and this game was just a one off you need to consider if it's worth it as the one you have is sufficient for everything you will probably do bar gaming and video intensive applications.

  JonnyTub 22:31 25 Sep 2004

you could also try the latest beta version Alf58 which can be found here click here unless your confident, don't even attempt this beta version.

  Alf58 22:34 25 Sep 2004

Thank you for all your responses. How much money do i need top spend to get a graphics card that will cope with games? On Dabs Direct there are some in the £30 bracket that have double the ram that my card has (I think its 64Meg). Would one like this be Ok or must I spend £100 or more (not that there is any chance!!!)

  JonnyTub 22:36 25 Sep 2004

think about your budget and the post the question "best graphics card for £££?"

  JonnyTub 22:38 25 Sep 2004

don't forget to mention your current graphics card as you may end up buying a slower one!!

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