raidenIIQ 12:55 10 Feb 2008

hi all,

i have a video display problem. it affects majority of my games. see attached.

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2. click here

i am using nvidia 7900gt sli. drivers are up to date. directx 9.0c is installed. i have run my games at low game graphics settings. problem still occurs. anyone here experience this problem or have a cure? thanks

  citadel 13:18 10 Feb 2008

could be the psu, if you have added a second card it may not be up to the job.

  raidenIIQ 17:37 10 Feb 2008

thanks for your feedback.

i am using the following psu.

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i'm sure it is capable of taking on two cards. besides that i have the following,

my motherboard, an a8n32 sli deluxe,
2 sata hdd, 2 dvdroms, 3x 120mm fans,
a mini southbridge fan, and an antec case >
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  citadel 21:15 10 Feb 2008

psu looks good, have a look at the nvidia card and the nvidia drivers forum at

  STREETWORK 21:19 10 Feb 2008

You could try directx 10 to see if this solves the problem...

  raidenIIQ 18:22 11 Feb 2008

thanks for your responses guys. i am going to give driver update a try from guru3d.

directx 10 cannot work on nvidia 7 series. i believe it is due to hardware. i could still try it but i wont be able to rollback to directx 9 without a reinstall of os. :/.

  raidenIIQ 10:34 12 Feb 2008

hi all,

graphics driver update did not help :/. i had a look at nvidias faq (still browsing) and bumped into this,

click here

:D - citadel may have been right first time. it's the psu. after running the calculations, my minimum recommended is 650watt. i dont know how i can check live watt consumption of pc.

  citadel 17:18 12 Feb 2008

had a look at the specs of the psu and it should be ok. have you checked for motherboard bios updates that fix sli problems.

  Totally-braindead 18:39 12 Feb 2008

I have doubts about the power supply being the cause. It could be but only to my mind if the power supply is failing. A 650 watt power supply should manage to power that setup.

It could also be the graphics card thats failing.

Have you checked all the connections particularly the ones to the graphics card (if it has a seperate power supply connector)?

  raidenIIQ 21:38 12 Feb 2008

hello all,

thanks for your feedback.

my motherboard bios has the latest update. you will be pleased to know it is not beta. :) -

the graphics card power cables are plugged in tightly. the card is seated correctly.

you have raised my concerns for the graphics card itself. it maybe failing.

i have submitted a ticket to nvidia uk with the fault. they have asked alot of questions. they also wanted to see what resides in msinfo32. it looks promising so far but lets see how it goes.

in the past one hour, i have performed a rollback of drivers to one supplied by the manufacturer xfx. guess what, problem is still there on both cards with or without sli.

ill keep you posted on the progress. thanks again

  Totally-braindead 23:27 12 Feb 2008

The reason I think it might be the card is that I had a similar problem a couple of years ago with a ATI 9800 Pro and it worked perfectly on the desktop but crashed or displayed gibberish on games. I bought a new power supply thinking it was that and it made no difference and got all the help I could. After about 2 weeks of trying I sent it back to the company I had purchased it from and they tried it and confirmed it was faulty.

Now without trying a new power supply I would have been left in limbo really as to my mind its one of the two possabilities. But which one? And other than trying the graphics card on another PC I don't know of a way to test it.

Do let us know how you get on.

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