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  Why wont it work 22:37 28 Jul 2006

Hi. I keep getting odd graphical errors (lines coming out of people, bullets being huge long black triangles, wall like things which shouldnt be there) in certain levels of Call of Duty 2. These have occured since installing a zalman 900 to my X1800XT, which seemingly lowered the temps quite a lot from stock. The odd thing is this does not happen in any other games (except the loading screen to far cry sometimes looks odd). The pc can also run all the 3dmarks i could find (as supposedly they stress the pc a lot) and non of them showed any graphical flaws. I have reinstalled COD2 and the ATI drivers to no effect. I am slightly stumped on this one. Any help would be muchly appreciated :)

  gudgulf 22:42 28 Jul 2006

Have you overclocked the card at all?

What is you AGP Aperture setting in the BIOS?

  gudgulf 22:44 28 Jul 2006

Sorry ,ignore the second comment...I'm thinking of my X800 card (AGP)....PCI-e is auto setting for system memory usage.

  skeletal 22:58 28 Jul 2006

Is there an additional power connection to the card that you may have disturbed when you fitted the heatsink?


  Why wont it work 10:23 29 Jul 2006

It all seems to be plugged in fine. I am really confused... why only some levels of COD2? I originally thought it could be some sort of shader effect etc.... but surely other games, or even 3dmark would have shown errors..

  Why wont it work 10:25 29 Jul 2006

oh, and I tried running 'ATI tool' for an hour and at stock speed there wasnt a single artifact. Also, in COD2, it doesnt matter what DX version you run it in, or at what resolution, the errors are still there!

  skeletal 13:06 29 Jul 2006

Is there a forum for COD? My favourite game “X3” has a massive forum presence (Egosoft) and this kind of question crops up there. It has led the developer to alter some aspects of their code. If there is such a site, you may see others having the same problem.

At first, it seems there was a link with your adding the heatsink, hence my suggestion. However, this could be a red herring and the problem is simply with the game. If everything else seems to run OK, it does point that way. Some games stretch components more than others and benchmarks can be far less stressful than a game; this is certainly true of X3, possibly the greatest load you can put on any machine!

Further thoughts: have you installed the latest drivers (i.e. not the ones that came with your game)? Also, if you did, did you uninstall the existing ones first. There has been much discussion about “bits of old drivers” causing havoc. All traces of the old driver should be removed. I think there are tools for this sort of thing, but I’ve not had this kind of problem, I just followed ATI’s instructions and been OK.

On the driver front, bizarrely, some people have had problems solved by going back to an earlier driver (but later than on the disc). So it’s “try all drivers time”! This info relates to X3, if you’d not already guessed, but may help you.


  Why wont it work 13:44 29 Jul 2006

Is it possible that something else, or something else's drivers are causing the problems (although I havent changed any for a while)

  Why wont it work 13:46 29 Jul 2006

oh and another thought.. I have just put in a new motherboard at the same time, by new, I mean an RMA replacement one, which is identical to the previous one. I have set the bios up the same though.

  Why wont it work 15:14 29 Jul 2006

Found the problem.... even though i hadnt touched my installion of COD2 for ages, it seems it was the dual core patch that was doing it. Obviously something did not like it all of a sudden. Hehe, the dual core patch was supposed to make my Pentium D 830 faster, not screw the graphics up!

Thanks for all your suggestions

  vinnyT 15:52 29 Jul 2006

Glad you got it sorted (and told us how).

You may like this site, click here, planetcallofduty, it has loads to do with cod1, cod2 and cod3 (didn't know they'rd done 3). Here's a link to the sites forum click here.

Hope this helps.

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