Graphic problems on web pages

  Canarykids 20:28 16 Apr 2003

Sometimes when a web page is downloaded, some of the graphics do not appear properly. I get a box with a small red cross in the corner. If I click the refresh button it usually reloads OK. Most of the graphic boxes download OK, only some fail to display.

  Canarykids 21:09 17 Apr 2003


  short-circuit 22:06 17 Apr 2003

There are a couple of reasons why this may be occurring. If the graphic fails to load after a refresh, it might be that the web designer has not loaded the image to the server, or has not named it properly when the page was built.

I am wondering if a possible cause for the first time loading without graphics might be that the page is being loaded from a store on your computer and although the page itself is still present in the memory, the images may no longer be in store. When you hit the refresh button, the computer will go back to the server to find and reload the page.

Perhaps someone with more experience might like to comment on that possibility!


  short-circuit 22:11 17 Apr 2003

Also thought that sometimes web sites draw their images from different servers than that on which the page is stored. If the other image server is not responding, then you would also get a failure of the image to load.


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