Graphic Pad ,or what is it called,Please?

  peeby 18:59 03 May 2003

I'm not even sure what it's called but it that pad that comes with a pen/stylus and lets you write/paint/draw in a more precise way than with a mouse.
And the second part of the question is ,some recent magazine reviewed/recomended one. I think it was about £40.
Anybody like to suggest one. Just for home use?

  Patr100 19:04 03 May 2003

The larger ones can be very expensive but the Wacom basic Graphire is good value for home use to start with.

  Tenner 19:25 03 May 2003

Try click here - they have one at £24.99, but if you ring them you might get the junk-mail offer at 14.99 ( with cordless mouse and software - if you don't like, it hasn't cost you a fortune !

See click here
near the end of thread.


  Tenner 16:08 06 May 2003

Just came across this : click here

might be of interest.

Usual disclaimer, no connection with company


  Diemmess 18:15 06 May 2003

While agreeing with Patr100, I sneaked a look at Tenner's link and the 40-50 prices look awfully like the graphire. The choice is yours.

To re-touch/improve/and generally fiddle with digital photography you cannot beat a sensible tablet for accuracy and ease of use.

There was a time when I used it to the exclusion of the mouse. It is nice to know instinctively where the cursor has got to!

I realised that it can cause the beginnings of RSI if used for too long a period, because you are holding a pen, not sliding a lazy wrist about and so the shoulder has to carry the lot!

  Susu 21:11 06 May 2003

I've just got a Graphire 2 (before I saw the review that says it's hard to set up) - and having installed the tablet (which the computer control panel recognises) I can't get it to recognise the pen or the mouse as input devices - only the original computer mouse (not a cordless one). I tried downloading the latest drivers but it makes no difference. Tablet has orange LED flashing but I haven't found out what that means. Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong, please? And what reviewer (on this site) had to do

"we had to alter USB settings — something the manual doesn’t even mention"

Mnay thanks

  Tenner 17:58 07 May 2003

Hi ! It's ages since I used one, or even tried to set it up, but -and this is a long-shot you understand - try opening a drawing application, say Coral, and then look for 'pen selection'

Hope it works


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