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  Lorraine 21:32 23 Jun 2003

I have been having problems with my graphics card, my computer screen displayed either dark red and sometimes changing to lime green and very rarely it's normal display colours.

I bought a new graphics card thinking that my other one was on it's way out but this new one does the same thing.

Is it my motherboard or the connection that the card is connected to that is causing a poor display on the screen?

Many thanks for your help.


  Jomi 21:44 23 Jun 2003

Did you remove the old drivers, before installing new ones?
It could be the monitor.

What os are you using?

What is the new graphics card?

  DieSse 21:51 23 Jun 2003

Since it's clearly not the graphics card, it's almost certainly the monitor or the cable.

As you already unplgged and replugged the cable at the system end, try wiggling it where it enters the monitor - this s a favourite place for breaks.

Also when the monitor misbehaves, try a sharp slap in various places on thge case - does this make it change. At the end of this you will hopefully have an idea where the problem lies.

You can also try and borrow another monitor to try on your system - and try yours on someone elses.

  DieSse 21:52 23 Jun 2003

Monitors only have three colours - Red, Green and Blue - since you can see Reds and Greens on it - suspect that the blue is missing.

  Lorraine 20:16 24 Jun 2003

Thanks for all your replies. I did try another monitor in the past and it didn't make any difference but I will try this again on another monitor. I have slapped it a few times and the display jumps a bit and changes colour from lime green to dark red on and off. I will keep you posted.

  Lorraine 21:46 07 Jul 2003

I have now swaped over the monitors and 'yes' this was the problem.

Many thanks for all your help.

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