graphic card which one?

  Jaynedoe 12:19 06 Jul 2007

Morning guys. The colours on my own computer is playing up. I took it into pc world for a diagnostic and Im told it needs a new graphic card and a service. The price quoted was a bit steep, in excess of £300 but a guy there said I could fit one myself its easy and suggested Novatech. So I thought I would put one in myself only which one? I looked at Novatech site and there are loads. Do I actually need an expensive card? And whats all this agp, epci stuff? Can anyone advise me what is the best card to put in my computer please. The board is a Asus p5gpl-x (taken off the side of the box)running win xp with 1 gig ram. Used mostly for letters, and storing little videos off the camera, o and I watch dvds on it sometimes as well because it has a nice large lcd screen. The lad plays Tomb Raider and other games on it as well. Many thanks. Jayne.

  umbongo(uk) 13:04 06 Jul 2007

right from checking your pc
it use,s a
PCI-E slot

now what we need to know is what price range are you looking at

before everyone starts shouting over the odds graphics cards and getting what is called an uber card that you wont realy use to its full potential

  umbongo(uk) 13:16 06 Jul 2007

heres my suggestion after some store to store comparisoning

click here

note there is a 7600gs on the novatech site that has more memorey but this is slower memorey

but for what your asking this card will play all your sons games

  Jaynedoe 13:23 06 Jul 2007

thanks umbongo. I was expecting more than that to be honest. Ill see what else is recommended and Ill buy one by tomorrow. Thanks

  keef66 13:36 06 Jul 2007

You were expecting more responses, or expecting to have to spend more money??

You really don't need to spend more than that to play Tomb Raider.

If you do want to spend a bit more, or feel you might want to play newer, more demanding games, go for a 7600GT card, but be aware that you might then need a bigger power supply to run it.

  User-312386 14:00 06 Jul 2007

Hi i know you went into PC WORLD and saw the "tech guys" in my opinion they might not be right. Could you do me a favour and download belarc click here and install it.

Now run the programme and advise what type of grpahics card you have, its under dispay on the right hand side.

I have a theory about your display, but until i know what card it i cant explain

  Totally-braindead 14:03 06 Jul 2007

Have a read of this click here do be aware as keef66 mentioned that decent graphics cards need a high powered good quality power supply and if you don't have one the card will not work properly. If you look at the inside of the case on the power supply it will tell you wattage, if its less than 450 watts you will probably have to renew that as well, depending on card and to save 2 postage charges you might as well order both at the same time.

  umbongo(uk) 14:13 06 Jul 2007

come on jaynedoe

were all at work sneeking onto here lol
give it till tea time n more response,s will crop up

first have you tried a graphic driver update to see if this corrects the image issue,s
go to either nvidia or ati for the driver and install it
was thie above done instore by the guy who said it was the card
the greater the graphics card the more demanding games can be played on your machine at full resolution and graphics qaulity all bells n whistles

the answer to one of you questions diffrence between agp pci-e

agp was the old high speed slot that graphics seated in ,this changed to the higher faster and more bandwith slot that is pci-e and supposed to be the new standard graphic adapter on all new boards including peripheral devices

pci which has nothing to do with pci-e . it is the original adapter slot
usualy the beige ones at the bottom of the motherboard for older peripheral devices

  Jaynedoe 14:57 06 Jul 2007

Hi madboy It says I have a Radeon x550.
I have downloaded the drivers and installed them but still get the screen missing lines and 'chunking'. If I plug the monitor into another computer at work its great no probs. I think the guy said the memory on my graphics card had gone (which is a low end one??) he popped another card in and the display was fine so he suggested another card which was over £200 then the charges on top and the service. Then another guy said to me look on Novatech or ebuyer for something with 512 memory it will be much cheaper so thats what I did and they just slot in.

Thanks for the lesson on pci thingy umbongo. Understand that now.

the wattage on that square thingy says 400w.

  umbongo(uk) 15:57 06 Jul 2007

yes the blocks and lines showing mean memory has gone

400watts will be enough to run anything upto a 7600gt ati equivelent is a x1650pro
here copy n paste from a card manufacturers web site
A minimum recommended 300W system power supply required. For two PX7600 GT running in SLI configurations, a minimum 400W system power supply (with 12V rating of 22A) is recommended.

the memorey on card is another issue

a 7600gs with 128mb
will outperfom another card like a 7300gs 512mb
there,s alot more to it than just how much ram a card has on it
there also the diffrence in ram onboard the card
ddr slower
ddr2 slow
drr3 fast

this is the area i didnt want to get into as it opens a whole new can of worms

if he was pushing you toward a card at £200 mark it would be a blistering high performance one for which only your sons gaming would improve if your other components were upto it
also youd need a new power supplie

the card in my link would provide gaming for all of todays games at a cheap price like keef said a 7600gt would be even better as it is classed as a medium high card

be carful tho as your about to start scratching your head wondering and checking diffrences in products on the web and learning new things about vertex shaders ,pixel pipelines ,ramdacs and such

  User-312386 16:42 06 Jul 2007

click here At £116.33 Inc VAT you really cant go wrong 36 pixel pipelines

However, i would also upgrade your psu to a modular design at the same time to give you a good boost click here i know there a little pricey, but its worth it

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